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1873 - 1879

In April 2022, this document, "Memoirs of the Union School", which featured the IHS Classes of 1873 through 1925, was scanned and added to the New York Heritage digital collections - Ilion Public Library. The book contained the names and address of each alumnus, as of 1925. The digitized version is available for download here: New York Heritage digital collections - Ilion Public Library - Memoirs of the Union School - 1873 - 1880 - added October 18, 2022

Year Grad. Last Name     Last Name      First Name     Ini Sal. Street Number and Address           City                     ST Country Deceased  

1873 Hoefler             Draper         Elizabeth          Mrs.                                     Los Angeles              CA USA 
1873 Jones               Sherman        Lisette            Mrs.                                                                         yes  
1873 Richardson          Stowell        Stella             Mrs.                                                                         yes 
1873 Russell             Russell        Ella               Miss 61 Second Street                    Ilion                    NY USA 
1873 Russell             Russell        Hattie             Miss 61 Second Street                    Ilion                    NY USA
1873 Seamans             Seamans        Nellie             Miss                                                                 USA

1874 Dygert              Dygert         Florence       L.  Mrs. 282 Villa St.                       Elgin                    IL USA
1874 Hotaling            Scriber        Margaret           Mrs. Wilcox Block                        Ilion                    NY USA
1874 Lathrop             Finlayson      Hattie             Mrs. 110 West 40th Street                New York                 NY USA
1874 Smith               Steelman       Ella May           Mrs. 1103 Post St.                       Ottawa                   IL USA
1874 Walker              Heacock        Ida                Mrs. 87 West Street                      Ilion                    NY USA
1874 Wilson              Bennett        Emma               Mrs.                                                                    

1875 (no graduates in 1875)

1876 Ausman              Christie       Clara              Mrs. 30 W. Clark St.                     Ilion                    NY USA
1876 Bennett             Bennett        Fred               Mr.  Otsego St.                          Ilion                    NY USA
1876 Eaton               Bugbee         Ida                Mrs. 354 Ashland Ave.                    Buffalo                  NY USA
1876 Lewis               Lewis          W.             P.  Mr.                                      Brooklyn                 NY USA
1876 Moss                Moss           Nellie             Miss                                                                         yes 
1876 Quaife              Quaife         Grace              Miss                                                                         yes 
1876 Vincent             Kembel         Clara              Mrs. Masonic Home                        Utica                    NY USA

1877 (no graduates in 1877)

1878 Bremer              Bremer         William            Mr.                                                                          yes 
1878 Giblin              Giblin         George             Mr.                                                                          yes 
1878 Hakes               Hakes          Seward             Mr.  25 Maple Place                      Ilion                    NY USA
1878 Hubbard             Hubbard        Carrie             Miss                                     Chateaugay               NY USA
1878 Hunt                Hunt           Mary           J.  Miss 40 West 56th St                     New York                 NY USA
1878 Irlam               Hakes          Marion             Mrs. 25 Maple Place                      Ilion                    NY USA
1878 Johnson             Johnson        Herbert            Mr.  Box 29                              Berkley                  CA USA
1878 Palmer              Palmer         F.             A.                                                                               yes 
1878 Richardson          Richardson     Carrie             Miss 317 West Main St.                   Ilion                    NY USA
1878 Richardson          Richardson     Jennie             Dr.  317 West Main St.                   Ilion                    NY USA
1878 Rose                Rose           E.             D.       1577 St. Vincent St.                Utica                    NY USA
1878 Scudder             Quaife         Myrtle             Mrs.                                                                         yes 

1879 Buck                Bennett        Flora              Mrs. 586 East Monroe St.                 Little Falls             NY USA
1879 Cutler              Brockway       Maude              Mrs.                                     Richfield                NY USA
1879 Getman              Getman         Emory          I.  Rev.                                     Wabasso                  FL USA
1879 Johnson             Hines          Anna           L.  Mrs.                                     Norway                   NY USA
1879 Russell             Russell        George         R.  Mr.  94 West St.                         Ilion                    NY USA
1879 Shepherd            Shepherd       Russell        E.  Mr.                                      Jerome                   ID USA
1879 Whitney             Russell        Florence       E.  Mrs. 18 S. Third Avenue                  Ilion                    NY USA

(note - corrected 1873 Elizabeth Hoofler Draper to Elizabeth Hoefler Draper)

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