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History of the Union Free School

Learn more about the IHS Classes of 1873 through 1904 published in the Alumni book "History of the Union School", which was published in 1925. The book contained the names and address of each alumnus, as of 1925.

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Class of 1902 - Obituary of Dr. John Gordon (brother of teacher Miss Ruth Gordon)

Class 1904 - Alumni Book Editors

Class of 1903 Commencement Program

Class Photograph - 1887

Ilion Class of 1893 - Trophy Discovered

This cup was given to the Ilion Academy by the Class of 1893 as an encouragement to future students to remain in school and graduate. It was uncovered this year at the high school. - March 12, 2018


Charles Comstock Brill 1881

Charles Comstock Brill 1881 was the Valedictorian of the Class of 1881. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1885. His daughter, Marion Brill Terpening IHS 1910, endowed the Ilion Central School District Foundation in 1979.

Charles Comstock Brill IHS Valedictorian 1881


Will Benton 1888

Will W. Benton, Jr. was second in his Class of 1888 when he died from measles on March 8, 1888. His father was prominent businessman W. W. Benton. They lived in a mansion on Armory Hill that later became the site of the home of Harold Whittemore.

"Will Benton, aged seventeen years, and the only child of W. W. Benton, died suddenly yesterday of malignant diphtheria. He had been sick with the measles, but had recovered sufficiently to go school Thursday, when he caught cold and was taken sick again. He was to graduate in June, and stood Second in the class." - Source - Troy Daily News March 9, 1888

IHS Class of 1888 - Will Benton dies from measles
W.W. Benton - Ilion Businessman and father of Will Benton IHS Class of 1888
W.W. Benton - Ilion Businessman

His father, W. W. Benton, served on the Ilion Board of Education from 1882-1885 and 1887-1889.

Will Benton Home IHS 2nd Class - Dies March 1888
Home of W. W. Benton father of Will Benton
Armory Hill - Ilion NY
"Souvenir of Ilion" - 1904"
Copies of the book were provided by Carolyn Deming Bayer IHS Class of 1947, Jane Russel Nile IHS Class of 1950 and transcribed by Paul T. McLaughlin IHS Class of 1941 for publication on the Ilion History section of>

You can zoom in to see this copyright protected 1906 map of Armory Hill in Ilion. The Benton estate was on the West side of Armory Hill (near the site of the current stairs). - Ilion zoomable Map 1906


Dr. Adelbert C. Douglass IHS Valedictorian 1893

Dr. Adelbert Chittenden Douglass 1893

Dr. Adelbert C. Douglass 1893 was the Valedictorian of the Class of 1893. Dr. Adelbert C. Douglass died January 3, 1941. He was 66 years old at the time of his death. He died at his home, at 76 John Street, after a week's illness.

Dr. Douglass was born in Clark Mills on August 22, 1874. He graduated from Ilion High School in 1993. He studied medicine with his father, Dr. Adelbert John Douglass and then entered Long Island College, his father's alma mater. He graduated from Long Island College in 1899 with a special diploma as physical diagnostician and an honor diploma in medicine from the State Board of Regents. He was house surgeon at Faxton Hospital, Utica, in 1899 and 1900, after which he began his practice in Ilion. Several years later he studied chiropractic and added that to his profession.

His father, Dr. Adelbert John Douglass, served on the Ilion Board of Education and was President of the Village of Ilion. His father was also an inventor and created a blackboard crayon rack.

He married Miss Frances Ellisin Rome April 4, 1908. He was a member of the Baptist Church and Ilion Masonic Lodge 591, F. and A. M. He served as a first lieutenant in Company M, National Guard, from 1902 and 1907. Surviving are his wife; a son, Charles Raymond Douglass of Miami, Fl and a daughter, Mrs. H. H, Horstman, of Schenectady.


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