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1910 Class Roster

From the Ilion High School 1911 Annual

Class of 1910

Thank you to Mike Disotelle, from the Ilion Public Library Historical Room, for providing the image of the 1911 Annual. These pages listed the members of the Class of 1910 in the 1911 Yearbook. Oddly, the list appears to be listed alphabetically and matches the names that appeared in related newspaper articles. However, after the name Welch, other names appear in alphabetical order but begin with Matthews through Williamson. Bernard Tracy was a member of the Class of 1909, so it is unknown why those names are listed as members of the Class of 1910.

1911 Class Annual List of 1910 Class Members

Year Last Name           Last Name      First Name          Street Number and Address           City                      

1910 Avery               Avery          Floyd               16 Charles St.                      Ilion                    
1910 Bates               Bates          Florence            1E. North St.                       Ilion                    
1910 Brill               Brill          Marion              167 West Main St.                   Ilion                    
1910 Brockway            Brockway       Raymond                                                 Herkimer                    
1910 Burdick             Burdick        Harry               74 Second St.                       Ilion                    
1910 Burrill             Burrill        Marjorie            119 E. Clark St.                    Ilion            
1910 Callan              Callan         Grace                                                   East Frankfort           
1910 Christie            Christie       Ethel               W. Clark                            Ilion
1910 Clinton             Clinton        Irene               21 Third St.                        Ilion                    
1910 Fay                 Fay            Hamilton            65 Second St.                       Ilion  
1910 Fay                 Fay            Stuart              65 Second St.                       Ilion           
1910 Hamlen              Hamlen         Marion                                                  Mohawk               
1910 Hecox               Hecox          Anna                Elm St.                             Ilion 
1910 Jenne               Jenne          Helen               20 John St.                         Ilion                  
1910 Kellogg             Kellogg        Grace               16 Grove St.                        Ilion   
1910 Luley               Luley          Raymond             83 Otsego St.                       Ilion               
1910 McGowan             McGowan        Kent                8 John St.                          Ilion                    
1910 Plant               Marhaver       Lorena              W. North St.                        Ilion
1910 Rhodes              Rhodes         Anna                Highland Ave.                       Ilion
1910 Richardson          Richardson     Elizabeth           24 John St.                         Ilion                
1910 Russell             Russell        Helen               29 First Ave                        Ilion                    
1910 Taylor              Taylor         Helen               First Ave                           Ilion                           
1910 Thomas              Morris         Edna                High St.                            Ilion                    
1910 Turnbull            Turnbull       Pauline             17 West St.                         Ilion                 
1910 Welch               Welch          Virginia            W. Clark St.                        Ilion    

The names below were also listed as members of the Class of 1909 
in the Alumni book "History of the Union School", which was published in 1925.

1910 Mathews             Mathews        Elizabeth           24 W. North St.                     Ilion 
1910 Pratt               Pratt          Jessie              South Main St., Los Angeles         Cal.   
1910 Quinlaven           Quinlaven      Leland              John St.                            Ilion    
1910 Roberts             Roberts        Arthur              57 John. St.                        Ilion    
1910 Russell             Russell        Harold              540 W. 146th St.                    New York City
1910 Shaul               Shaul          Ray                 Second St.                          Ilion    
1910 Tracy               Tracy          Bernard             30 W. North St.                     Ilion    
1910 Wheelock            Wheelock       Benjamin                                                Frankfort 
1910 Williamson          Williamson     Olive               Second Ave.                         Ilion          

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