Ilion High School

1910 Class Roster

Year Last Name     Last Name      First Name     Sal. Street Number and Address           City                     ST Country Deceased  

1910 Avery               Avery          Floyd          Mr.  44 Charles St.                      Ilion                    NY USA
1910 Bates               Rix            Florence       Mrs. 146 East North St.                  Ilion                    NY USA
1910 Brill               Brill          Marion         Miss 353 West Main St.                   Ilion                    NY USA
1910 Brockway            Brockway       Raymond        Mr.                                      Ilion                    NY USA
1910 Burdick             Burdick        Harry          Mr.  48 West Rand St.                    Ilion                    NY USA
1910 Burrill             DeYoung        Marjory        Mrs.                                     Syracuse                 NY USA
1910 Callan              Bond           Grace          Mrs.                                     East Frankfort           NY USA
1910 Christie            Berry          Ethel          Mrs.						                                 	
1910 Clinton             Roberts        Irene          Mrs. 61 Third St.                        Ilion                    NY USA
1910 Fay                 Fay            Hamilton       Mr.  9 North Fourth Ave.                 Ilion                    NY USA
1910 Hamlin              Hamlin         Marion         Miss                                     Jonesville               WI USA
1910 Hecox               Mitchell       Anna           Mrs. 8 Elm St.                           Ilion                    NY USA
1910 Jenne               Eldred         Helen          Mrs.                                     Racine                   WI USA
1910 Kellogg             Werner         Grace          Mrs.                                     Batavia                  NY USA
1910 McGowan             McGowan        Kent           Mr.  17 Armory St.                       Ilion                    NY USA
1910 Plant               Marhaver       Leorena        Mrs. 56 Spruce St.                       Ilion                    NY USA
1910 Raymond             Raymond        Luly           Miss                                     Ilion                    NY USA
1910 Rhodes              Rhodes         Anna           Miss       								    yes
1910 Richardson          Thurston       Elizabeth      Mrs.                                     Syracuse                 NY USA
1910 Russell             Russell        Helen          Miss 95 First Ave                        Ilion                    NY USA
1910 Taylor              May            Helen          Mrs.                                     New Rochelle             NY USA
1910 Thomas              Perry          Edna           Mrs. Mauser Place                        Ilion                    NY USA
1910 Turnbull            Turnbull       Pauline        Miss                                     Syracuse                 NY USA
1910 Welch               Welch          Virginia       Miss West Clark St.                      Ilion                    NY USA

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