Ilion High School Class of 1910 Photograph

1910 Ilion Class Portait restored by Stephen M. Hanrahan

From left, the front row ladies are, Marion Hamlen [* note - should be Hamlin], Anna Rhodes, Elizabeth Richardson, Ethel Christie, Edna Thomas, Pauline Turnbull, Florence Bates, Irene Clinton, Helen Jenne, Anna Hecox, Helen Taylor;
men, standing from the left, Stuart Fay, Hamilton Fay, Floyd Avery, Harry Burdick;
back row, Lorena Plante, Virginia Welch, Helen Russell, Grace Kellogg, Marjorie Burrill, Marion Brill, Grace Callan, Alma Rae
(* Note - Missing from photograph are Raymond Brockway, Kent McGowan and Raymond Luley. The Alma Rae (Ray) name does not appear in the list of graduates and was not in 1910 list in the Alumni book "History of the Union School").

Click here to download a 10 MB , 11 x 8, high resolution version of the file.

Thank you to Vicki Hanrahan Ainslie for sharing this Thompson Studio photograph of the Ilion Class of 1910. Her brother, Stephen M. Hanrahan, a photographer and photo editor, scanned the original black and white photograph. The photograph had been folded in half which broke it in the middle. It was taped in the center with cellophane tape.

Stephen did a fantastic job of photo-editing the image and Vickie and her husband graciously shared it with the Ilion Alumni site. Vicki's husband, William B. Ainslie, is the son of Margaret Ellen (Fay) Ainslie IHS 1934 and the grandson of Harrison Stuart Fay, a member of the Class of 1910. He is also the grandson of Ellen Wicks Foothorape IHS 1912. Vicki included scans of the back of the photograph which listed the names of the students in the photo. These were compared to the names that appeared in related newspaper articles.

1910 Ilion Class Portait names on back left side
Names on the back of photograph - left side


1910 Ilion Class Portait names on back left side
Names on the back of photograph - right side

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