Dr. Edward M. Jones - Ilion NY

IHS Class of 1918

Edward P. JONES, M. D.

Edward M. Jones was born the son of Robert and Margaret Jones. He graduated from Ilion High School in 1918 and graduated from Syracuse University in 1922. He was the younger brother of Dr. Lewis Parry Jones, IHS 1911. Edward earned his medical degree from Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia. He established his medical practice in Endicott, NY, in 1925, where he remained active in local affairs for the rest of his life. Dr. Edward M. Jones died on August 18, 1979.


The following excerpt about Dr. Jones was taken from the "History of the Mohawk Valley, Gateway to the West," 1614-1925, Volume 4 edited by Nelson Greene, S. J. Clarke, 1925 - see snippet view on google books


Robert Jones and his son Edward M. Jones, M. D.

Robert Jones was born in the important manufacturing center of Wrexham in Denbighshire, North Wales, where he was reared. When he had attained his majority he came to this country and located in Utica. Two years later he was joined there by Margaret N., to whom he had plighted his troth before leaving Wales, and they were married in Utica, where for some years thereafter they made their home. He then moved to Ilion, where he became engaged in mercantile business, proprietor of a five-and-ten-cent store, and for twenty years was thus engaged. Of late years he has been employed at clerical work in the office of the Remington Typewriter Company of Ilion. He and his wife have three children, Dr. Lewis Jones having a brother, Dr. Edward M. Jones, and a sister, Mrs. Ellen Jane Roberts, the latter of whom now is living at Columbus, Ohio, where both she and her husband are professional musicians, he a pianist and choral director and she a soprano soloist. Dr. Edward M. Jones was graduated from Syracuse University in 1922, with the degree of Bachelor of Science and in 1924 received from the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia his medical degree and is now engaged in practice.


Dr. Edward M Jones - Ilion/Endicott NY

Endicott Johnson Medical Staff

Dr. Edward Jones joined the Endicott Johnson Medical Staff in 1925. He had an office in the company's clinic building on Washington Ave. He was honored for his service with the company in 1942.


Involved in Civic Activities

Dr. Edward Jones campaigned for public cooperation and widespread public education in the battle against tuberculosis. His efforts were for the Endicott Christmas Seal Campaign in 1939. He also served for many years as President of the Rotary Club. In 1940, Dr Jones assisted in classifying 260 doctors in Broome county to determine their part in military service. In March of 1945, The Binghamton Press and Sun-Bulletin reported, "Dr. Edward M. Jones of Endicott described post-war health programs for Vestal Central School Parent-Teacher Association members last night at a meeting in the school. Dr. Jones said that doctors returning from military service will be informed on the latest advances in medicine." He was also President of the Endicott-Johnson Medical Society.


Dr. Edward M Jones - Ilion/Endicott NY

Clayton Pierce First Ideal Recipient of 'Miracle Drug' - February 15, 1944

In 1944, Dr. Edward Jones was a consultant on the case of Clayton Pierce, the greater Endicott's earliest patient to receive penicillin, "the miracle drug".


Physician to Chairman of the Board of Endicott Johnson Corporation - George F. Johnson

In October or 1942, Dr Jones treated George F. Johnson, co-founder and chairman of the board of Endicott Johnson Corporation when Mr. Johnson suffered a heart attack. Mr. Johnson was 85 years old at the time of his heart attack. "Endicott's beloved first citizen suffered a second attack Monday, but since that time has rallied appreciably."

On November 28, 1948, Dr. Jones was at the bedside of his most prominent patient when George Johnson succumbed to his heart disease. "George F. Johnson, founder of the Endicott-Johnson Corporation, employing more than 20,000 in making footwear, died on Sunday night at 10:20 at his Johnson City home at the age of 91 years. He had been in failing health for more than two years. Dr. Edward M. Jones, his physician, said death was due to a heart condition. Members of his immediate family had been with him during the evening and Dr. Edward M. Jones, his physician, was at the bedside."


Also Physician to George W. Johnson, Chairman of the Board of Endicott Johnson Corporation

On May 25, 1953, Dr Jones treated George W. Johnson, the son of the co-founder and chairman of the board of Endicott Johnson Corporation. Mr. Johnson died at the age of 73 at his home. Members of his immediate family had been with him during the evening and Dr. Edward M. Jones, his physician, was at the bedside. Mr. Johnson was the son of the late George F. Johnson, former Endicott Johnson board chairman, and a first cousin of Charles F. Johnson, Jr., president and general manager of the company.


Mrs. Margaret Jones of Ilion, 93, Dies - The Evening Telegram May 17, 1958

Mrs. Margaret Jones, 93, died early today at her home, 335 Otsego St., after a short illness. She was born in Brymbo, Wales, on Dec. 25, 1864, a daughter of Thomas and Jane Richards Jones and was married to Robert Jones in Utica on May 15, 1891. She had resided in Ilion for the past 56 years. She and her husband observed their 50th anniversary in 1941. He died several years ago. She was the oldest member of the First Presbyterian Church here a member of the Presbyterian Women's Association. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. E. Jane Roberts, Ilion; two sons. Dr. L. P. Jones. Ilion, and Dr. Edward M. Jones, Endicott: four grandchildren, Robert N. Jones, Lewis P. Jones, Long Island; Willis P. Jones, Germany; Mrs. Eiluned J .White, California: two great grandchildren: a brother, John D. Parry, Babcock Hill; several nieces and nephews. Services will he conducted at 3 p.m. Tuesday from the Applegate Funeral Home by the Rev. Charles Bartlett, Presbyterian pastor, with burial in Armory Hill Cemetery.


Jane (Lewis) Roberts Honored

Mrs. E. Jane (Lewis) Roberts, was honored on November 3, 1968, at an open house reception at the Herkimer Reformed Church. She served as organist and choir director of the Reformed Church for the previous 18 years. The reception was attended by about 250 visitors and included among them was her brother, Dr. Edward M Jones of Endicott, NY.

Dr. Edward M Jones - Ilion/Endicott NY - Herkimer Evening Telegram 1968

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