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History of the Union Free School

Class Roster 1919 published in the Alumni book "History of the Union School", which was published in 1925. The book contained the names and address of each alumnus, as of 1925. The names appearing in that publication do not accurately reflect the actual class members. For the complete class roster, refer to the names appearing in the below article. (modified January 30, 2015)


Class Historical Newspaper Articles....

     Newspaper articles about the IHS Class of 1919 (added January 27, 2021)


Graduation Ceremony Tuesday, June 24, 1919....

Ilion Citizen 1919 - God Speed Class of '19
God Speed Class of '19

The Ilion Citizen newspaper featured school district, administrators and the Class of 1919 on its front page story.
The newspaper Headline was God Speed Class of '19 published June 26, 1919. Source - (Added January 31, 2015)

Class Officers

Class President       William Powers
Class Vice-President   Ralph Clark
Class Secretary   Lulu Daniels
Class Treasurer   Clara Cole

(Added January 31, 2015)


Class Honors

Valedictorian   Lindsay Taylor with an average of 94.3
Salutatorian     Ethel Allegra Thomas with an average of 94.1
Third                Nellie Gilchrist with and average of 92.2

The average of the class was 82.7 and the regents average was 75.7

All class members listed in the newspaper article were:

Edward Babcock
Flora Bard
Blanche Bellow
Betrude Brewer
Alfred Brown
Charles Byrnes
Earl Capes
Gerald Capes
Ralph Clark
Richard Clark
Clara Cole
Leo Connors
Louis Corbin
Evelyn Currier
Frances Cutler
Lulu Daniels
Mildred Davis
Grace Devenpeck
Emily Earle
Elizabeth Ellis
Andrews Every
Gladys Fagar
Beatrice Fox
Rudolf Gettl
Nellie Gilchrist
Helen Goodwin
Mildred Hamilton
Margaret Hammond
Maragaret Harter
Frederick Harter
Jessie Hawks
Margaret Higgens
Robert Higgens
Gerald Hoke
Violette Holdersworth
Mary Hollis
Oren Hurlbut
Alfred Jess
Katherine King
Mildred Klossner
Dorothy Lyman
William McCoy
Florence McTague
Lester Malley
Elizabeth Maurice
Edward Meehan
Otto Miller
Marie Nuese
Paul O'Brien
Barty O'Shea
Dortha Painter
Madeline Perry
Milton Pollard
William Powers
Mary Ellen Rasbach
Mary Reigler
Sally Rhodes
Louise Roberts
Floence Rude
Paul Schneider
Edwin Schofield
Allen Seckner
Burley Smith
Gerritt Smith
Almeda Staley
Charles Sweet
Lindsay Taylor
Helen Tetro
Willliam Tillinghast
Ethel Allegra Thomas
Clarence Tjeerdsma
Wesly Tufts
Rena Turk
Seth Van Alstine
Meldon Wenner
Seymour Werching
George White
Catherine Williams
Hazel Williamson
Frank Wilson

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