Ilion High School Class of 1921

Class Roster - Source - 1921 Newspaper Articles

Ilion High School 1916 Building
Ilion High School 1916


1921 Honor Students

Mary Gilchrist, Valedictorian
Hilda Shaul, Salutatorian


Below are 60 members of the IHS Class of 1921. The names appeared in newspaper articles about the IHS Class of 1921.

James William Allston
Elizabeth Pauline Amond
Marion K. Baker
Mary Elizabeth Baker
John Laeliz Bates
Elizabeth Irene Bray
Donald E. Buckley
Doris L Burghoff
Helen Edna Burns
Evelyn Gertrude Cohoon
James J. Crosby
Helen E. Decker
W. Ernest Dowling
Minerva Jane Eaker
Mary Katherine Ellis
Elenore H. Fish
Muriel I. Fuller
Fred J. Gerber
George W. Gerber
Emerson W. Gifford
Mary Alice Gilchrist
Charles G. Gough
Margaret L. Green
Ruth Ameilia Griffith
George W. Hartford
Ina May Holt
Edward H. Hoelsch
Ruth Ariouine Kerth
Frances Caroline Loeffler
Philip H. Lyman
Helen K. Malley [Mallery]
Mildred Perl Nenne
Grace Emily Nichols
Joseph K. O'Neil
Margaret M. Orr
D. Harvey Overheiser
Mabel C. Peterson
C. Harriette Rasbach
Laura J. Reed
Margaret N. Rivers
Elizabeth Caroline Rix
Mary Louise Rix
Mary F. Robinson
Shirley L. Russell
Grace Winefred Sackett
Harry H. Schell
George H. Schneider
J. Karl Schneider
Hilda Marie Shaul
Robert F. Shea
Clara May Snyder
Katherine Anna Steele
Doric C. Stimson
Wallace E. Sitt
E. Ernest Tayler
Florence Tjeerdsma
Catherine Van Alstyne
Adele Welch
James Norris Wilfert
Mildred Margaret Williams

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