Ilion High School Class of 1930

Class Roster - The 1930 Mirror

1930 Ilion Yearbook


Senior Annual 1930 - Editor in Chief - page 6

Mary Wasmer


Class Officers - listed on Page 12

Harvey Watson - President
Mary Wasmer - Vice President
Edward Bowers - Secretary
Eleanor Tucker - Treasurer

Class Advisor - Genevieve L Ruby


1930 Honors Students - listed on Page 25

Mary Wasmer - Valedictorian
Thomas Ringwood - Salutatorian
Eleanor Tucker
William Milsted
Martin Barnes
Mary Tuttle


Below are the other 98 members of the IHS Class of 1930 as published beginning on Page 13 of the 1930 Mirror. * Class officer names were added in alphabetical order:

Ralph Andrews
Joseph Ashley
Beulah Barnes
Martin Barnes
Mary Bazinet
Clark Bergin
Roger Berry
John Best
Edward Bowers *
Ruth Bishton
Donald Brothers
Marjorie Button
Robert Bunting
John Carney
Seth Capes
Austin Casey
Beatrice Carroll
Edward Christiana
Lawrence Clayton
Hazel Colburn
Margaret Collyer
Gertrude Congdon
Edward Costello
Helen Costello
Harriett Davenport
Donald Dekin
Eleanor Dewhurst
Ruth Drennan
Calistabelle Eckler
Geraldine Fenner
George Friis
Dorothy Elaine Garber
Fayette Getman
Gladys Gleason
John Gleason
Vivian Goldthwaite
Henry Goller
Oliver Haskell
Corenelius Heafy
Charles Hemenway
Frederick Hoffman
Florence Hoke
Francis Hopkins
George Jackson
Emma Jensen
Leone Jones
Harry Kegel
Robert B. Kerr
Robert F. Kerr
Marian Lindsay
Shirley Lowe
Vincent Mack
Frances Mackin
Donald Martin
Helen Maury
Leslie McDonogh
John McGrath
Isabel McMahon
Winifred Mills
William Milsted
Jack Moore
Harold Morrison
Catherine Mulvey
William Murphy
Florence Murray
Beatrice Myers
Alice O'Neil
Bruce Petrie
Charles Plunkett
Frederick Plunkett
Edward Reiman
Dorothy Richburg
Thomas Ringwood
Alonzo Rivers
Louise Rivers
Janet Roberts
Marian Rockwell
Dorothy Russell
Richard Seiler
Anna Shahan
Lillian Singer
Pearle Singer
Bertha Smith
Robert Smith
Edward Stewart
Eleanor Tucker *
Mary Tuttle
Stanley Urtz
William Wagner
Mary Wasmer *
Harvey Watson *
Leona Whiter
Don Weideman
Everett Wilbert
Dorothea Wilkins
Sidney Wilson
Kasson Winsor
Margaret Wood

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