Ilion Class of 1945 Yearbook Dedication

The class of 1945 is outstanding at the time of graduation because it has lost more boys to the armed forces than any preceding class. We have tried to include everyone who has ever been a member of the class in the following list. If there is anyone who has been omitted, it is through inadvertence alone. We are proud to list them as follows:

Richard Ashley, USMC

John Braren, USN

Duane Chapin, USN

Jim Coman, USN

Marcus Comes

Sam Costanza, USN

Van Davis, USN

Robert Day, USA

Russell Day, USA

Francis DeCarr, USA

Madison Getman, USA

George Koerner, USN

Myron LeFever, USA

Charles Leitz, USAAF

Paul Madigan, USMC

Milton Merritt, USMC

Kenneth Morton, USA

Williams Owens, USN

Richard Reardon, USN

George Schulz, USN

John Sorenson, USCG

Guy Snedeker, USN


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