Ilion High School - Class of 1953

In Memorium - Diane Monteau

Diane Monteau died, at the age of 10, as the result of being struck by a car in September 1946. - November 7, 1946 - The Ilion Sentinel

The text of the 1953 yearbook memorial is included below.

1953 Yearbook - Diane Monteau

In Memory of... Diane Monteau, who did not come to high school with us, but is included in our memories of West Hill. We remember ...a busy little girl with dark, flashing eyes and wavy black hair ...little hands doing many things which went unnoticed ...her devotion to her younger sister ...her quiet shyness ...the little jobs of dusting, washing dishes and helping at home ...the "Little Pepper Club" gatherings and the many good times together.

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