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Classmate Cafeteria Staff...

You can get the cafeteria apple crisp recipe by visiting our 1974 Cafeteria Staff Class Members and see who worked there.
(added December 12, 2021)


Junior High School...

Take a peek at two of our class members, as we began our 6 years at Ilion Junior/Senior High, back in 1968.
(September 7, 1997)


Annunciation 8th Grade...

Check out the Annunciation 8th Grade Graduation Photo!
March 23, 2013


Wimpy, Wimpy, Wimpy...

For all those parents who complain that their little ones are in class sizes that are too large, (25 kids per class), we've included some of our parents' solution to the problem of overcrowding. Here is the Annunciation School First Grade Photo!
November 10, 1997


East Frankfort School

Kevin Bluett provided the names of our class members who attended East Frankfort Elementary School. If we've missed anyone, please let us know.
(November 17, 1997)


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