Randy Steel Quilt Panel
Randall William Steele

Mr. Randall Steele, 38, passed away July 27, 1995.

Carol Steele, Randy's mother shared the letter that appears below, in appreciation and acknowledgement, of the Ilion High School Teen AIDS Task Force. Carol's letter is a moving account of a mother's loving tribute to her beloved son.

1996 Christmas Letter from the Steele Family

Carol Steele's Letter

Randy's Memorial Mass - Program

Randy Steele Memorial Scholarship

"The design of the quilt was born of his love of Christmas and the trimming of the tree. The star at the top contains a picture of Randy hanging a crystal ornament that his friend Peter gave to him. The other ornaments have pictures of Randy holding his two nieces, Carly and Jocelyn, one of his cat, Tech, who may also be seen peeking around the tree trunk, the family together on a Christmas Day and a picture of his Mom and Dad. There is a sun for his love of said S-U-N and a heart because he was a loving S-O-N. The Jack-O-Lantern is there because he enjoyed Halloween and the fun of masquerading. The saxophone is for the love of his music and the clasping handshake portrays his feeling of brotherhood to men of all races and creeds. The gifts from his family beneath the tree, along with his favorite Teddy Bear represent the cities where he lived during his too short 38 years."

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