Ilion Junior-Senior High School

Ilion, New York 13357


NAME: Randall W. Steele Medical Research Memorial Scholarship


PURPOSE: To provide scholarship assistance to a senior who plans to make a contribution to life through the study of medical research. Students who have earned majors in the field of Science, especially Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and/or Mathematics, and who plan to major in a health related research field, will be given special consideration during the selection process.


PREREQUISITE: This scholarship award shall be given to a senior boy or girl who will be entering a four year college and plans to major in a health-related research field. The recipient must have at least an 85 average and possess the following characteristics: Courage, compassion, friendliness, sensitivity, a strong work ethic; be a perfectionist and use "attention-to-detail" as a guide; be a very caring individual who is willing to share knowledge and successes.


SELECTION: Will be made by the principal, vice principal and the scholarship committee.


AMOUNT: This scholarship is for $100.00 per year for a maximum of four years totaling $400.00. The recipient must provide written evidence of matriculation by August of each year and a check for $100.00 will be drafted.


DONORS: Family, relatives and friends of Randy W. Steele.




This scholarship is being given by Randy's family and friends as a memorial to him.Randy was a 1974 graduate of Ilion High School, held a BS Degree from Hobart-William Smithand was a certified Safety Engineer in both the states of Illinois and California. Randy loved his heritage, hometown and family. He possessed the characteristics sited in the prerequisite and he would be pleased that we are helping a young person achieve an education.

Randy passed away due to complication of the Aids virus on July 27, 1995. It is our hope to help educate our youth so such illnesses will be eliminated.

March 5, 1996 - Adopted

cc: Mr. Joseph A. Fusco, Superintendent of Schools




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