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Meet the Class of 2000 .....

The Class Roster is now available. See if you can recognize familiar names. (July 1, 2000)


Top Scholars of the IHS Class of 2000 ....

The 26th annual honors dinner was recently held to honor senior members of the IHS Class of 2000. FIFTY-SEVEN seniors were honored for earning outstanding scholastic records and achievements during their high school careers. The guest speaker, at the dinner, was Thaddeus Luke, a former Ilion High School graduate. Mr. Luke is currently the principal law clerk for the combined Courts of Herkimer County. (June 22, 2000)

Sara Korol is the 2000 valedictorian. She is the daughter of Theresa Korol.

Kathryn Adams is the salutatorian for the class of 2000. Katie is the daughter of Richard and Annemarie Adams.


Jessica (Arsenault) Rivenburg.....

The Valley Side

Jessica (Arsenault) Rivenburg and Al Dorantes, local freelance reporters, launched a web site, in February 2015 named The Valley Side. "The Valley Side strives to bring its readers diverse articles about breaking news, on-going issues, entertainment, business and things to do." In addition to local events, The Valley Side provides a local, on-line, police blotter, named 'Busted'. (June 13, 2015)

Joe Evans.....

Joe Evans email, joined the Navy in 2000. He was deployed to the Caribbean in 2001 where he worked with the Coast Guard and stopped drugs from coming into the United States. He stopped a total of 10 tons of cocaine approximate value of $130 Million. Joe married Kristy Davis from IHS in Mobile, Alabama in June of 2003. Joe was shipped out to Iraq 6 months later where he worked with the Navy Seals, stopping the terrorists from attacking the oil platforms in the Persian Gulf. He found out that Kristy was pregnant 2 days before he shipped out. He came back to see his daughter Isabelle Eva Evans born in October 2004. Joe currently works as the Military Liason for the U.S. Navy at the Federal building in Syracuse, NY. (April 5, 2006)


Army Ranger, Dad, Husband.....

B. M. Ketron, email, joined the army as a ranger, and met a girl, Misty Steinbach, who did the same. He married her and recently (January 13) they had a a son, Nathaniel Sabastian, who was 7 lbs. 12oz., 20 1/2" long, was born at 4:04 pm, and he has "long blonde hair". Congratulations! (submitted by Katherine E. Ketron - January 18, 2002)


Golden Bombers Buzz WebSite.....

Michael Parkhurst, US NAVY, email, Suffolk, VA, registered in the directory. (May 31, 2015)

Justin Gage, Shop Teacher, Richmond, Va, registered. (Aug 28, 2011)

Megan Seymour, email, from Ilion, NY, registered. (Mar 26, 2009)

Rebecca 'Becky' DeLong, from Owings Mills, MD, email, re-registered. (Feb 22, 2009)

Scott McCumber, recruiting and retention NCO, email, from Auburn, NY, re-registered. (Apr 13, 2008)

"Hi everyone! I stumbled upon the website and thought it was pretty cool and wanted to post a little update to my life to this point. I went into the Marines right after school, which I was in for 5 years. I was promoted to SGT one year before I got out. I spent my last 42 months in overseas in Okinawa, Japan, where I worked as a crew chief on CH-46 helicopters. I travelled to 13 different countries while I was in to include the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Kuwait, and Iraq. After that I came home for a while and then missed the military, so I went into the New York Army National Guard, and am currently working full time with them as a recruiting and retention NCO. I work out of Auburn and am responsible for an area about twice the size of Herkimer County. If anyone would like to get in touch, you can email me! Hope everyone is doing well with their lives!"

Brad Morse, Web Developer, email from Ilion, NY, re-registered. (Apr 13, 2008)

"Recently (03/08) began working at Herkimer County Community College as their Webmaster. Before HCCC, I worked for three years at Quadsimia LLC, a Professional Web Design company in New York Mills, NY right out of college, graduating from SUNY Morrisville in May of 2005 with a Bachelors in Technology, concentrating in Electronic Marketing and Publishing."

Andrea Hoffman, Substitute teacher (with a Master of Science Degree from U Albany), shift supervisor at Kinney Drugs, email, Ilion, NY, re-registered. (Jan 26, 2008)

Kevin Hight, Computer Networking Tech, email, Ilion, NY, re-registered. (Feb 27, 2007)

Danielle Cardarelli, high school social studies teacher, email, from Brooklyn, NY, registered. (Sept 14, 2006)

Lacey Lonis Auld, email from Havelock, NC, re-registered. (July 14, 2006)

Matt Woody, Project Engineer, email email, from Cockeysville, MD, registered. (Feb 28, 2006)

Sarah Donahue, Speech-Language Pathologist, Ilion, NY, registered. (Jan 7, 2006)

Heidi Johnson Hitchcock, Grocery Store Owner, email, from Eagle Bay, NY, re-registered. (Nov 14, 2005)

Craig Sears, Computer / Electronic Technician, email, from Ilion, NY, registered. (April 3, 2005)

Ashley Egland, Event Coordinator, email, from Brookline, MA, registered. (Feb 20, 2005)

Jacquelyn Pickett Foley, Student, email, from Ilion, NY, registered. (October 4, 2004)

Justin Spadea, email, re-registered. (September 29, 2003)

Sara Fasani, email, from Frankfort, NY, sent news. (December 21, 2001)

"Just letting everyone know the change in e-mail address and to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year"

Bob Squire, Student/Fitness Trainer, email, from Oswego, NY, registered in the directory. (November 1, 2002)

Alisha Clark, School/dry cleaners, email, Layton, UT, registered. (September 16, 2002)

Melody Crossway, Waitress, email, Winchester, VA, registered. (August 27, 2002)

Devon Brewer, email, tried Guess The Grad. (Feb 28, 2002)

Kevin Hight, Herkimer, NY, registered. (February 11, 2002)

"I used to be such a im a geek who parties too much. I'm Going to college for Computer Networking. Don't plan on marrage but who knows. Still wonderin around the valley.....for now so if ya wanna hang out, e-mail me." (February 11, 2002)

Missy Montana, dog groomer - mom, email, from Frankfort, NY, registered. (Feb 3, 2001)

Casey Moore, student, email, from Ilion, NY, registered. (December 31, 2000)

Rebecca Sparrin, Student-William Smith College, email, from Ilion, NY, registered. (December 1, 2000)

Steven Fowler, US Army, email, from Manassas, VA, registered. (November 26, 2000)

Jill Fitzer, student, email, from Plattsburgh, NY, registerd. (July 17, 2000)

Your class contact is Becky Delong

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