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Digitized Class Yearbook....

The Bombers The fight to never be less than your best! Class of 2009 from the New York Heritage digital Ilion Free Public Library Yearbooks collection. Link opens in new browser tab. (added March 27, 2021)


Meet the Class of 2009.....

The Class Roster is now available. Congratulations to all the graduates! (July 22, 2011)


Top Scholars of the IHS Class of 2009....

The was held to honor senior members of the IHS Class of 2009. These students were honored for earning outstanding scholastic records and achievements during their high school careers. Each of these students attained a final average of 90 percent or better. (June 13, 2009)

Julie Hall is the 2009 Valedictorian.

Stephanie LaChaz is the 2009 Salutatorian.

Other top scholars, in alphabetical order, are as follows:

Matthew Amann, Cassandra Breese, Elaina Burrello, Chelsea Bush, Leanne Evans, Tyler Head, Crista Johnson, Corina Lawrence, Jin Lin, Katherine Matousek, Jacob Murray, Jessica Neale, Jaime North, Brittany Saunders, Kelsey Saunders, Samantha Simpkins, Amy Vertucci, Emily Woudenberg, Courtney Wright

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