Ilion High 1883 Senior Class Facts

As reported in "1904 Alumni Publication"


Shrimp pink


Class Motto
Ad astra per aspera


Class Characteristics and Incidents

"The serious incidents assume a humerous aspect as time rolls on. One person would rather not draw the curtain since Professor Poland may subscribe for the book." Bashful boys. Gray matter. An amusing trial of several students to discover how many were guilty of unnecessary coughing after out-door recess. Our class was honored at commencement by the presence of a representative of the board of regents from Albany, who personally presented the diplomas to the students. Only two failed to receive them; which at that time was considered by the board of regents as unprecedented for a class of that size. At that time the largest class ever graduated. In the year 1883 the first banquet of the Alumni Association was held, and being the youngest class we did all the hard work, such as carrying chairs and being generally bossed by older graduates. Boys voted banquet not a success as far as we were concerned.


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