Ilion High School

1922 Senior Class History

As reported in "Gold Brown Year Book"



PRESIDENT Donald Stitt


SECRETARY Clara Wasmer

TREASURER Burrill Getman


It is scarcely fair to us-the members of '22 to ask for an account of our festivities of the year because no one could do them justice. I don't say they have been too numerous, for they haven't. Above all, we Seniors temper our pleasures unselfishly-but when we get together oh my! And we are always so opportune-have you noticed that?


With our usual promptitude, we held our first meeting of the year a few days after the opening of school in September. At this meeting, Miss Agnes Decker was unanimously elected Faculty Adviser. Donald Stitt was elected to succeed himself as President of '22, with Miss Helen Paddock acting as Vice President. The duties of Treasurer went to Burrill Getman, while those of Secretary were given to Miss Clara Wasmer.


In addition to the election of officers, committees were appointed to plan for a party which was held September 23. This-the first Senior "feed" was such a success that it was repeated several times throughout the year.


All during the football season, the Seniors turned out in goodly numbers and in appreciation of the work done by our football squad, we gave a dance in their honor, which was preceded by a turkey banquet for the letter men, on December 3.


The time after this was generously filled with recitals and "feeds."


We Seniors have had the best of times in the dear old I. H. S., and when we leave we shall always look back upon the days as Seniors of '22.



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