Ilion High School

1928 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1928"


Our class is a varied one and its members have excelled in all ways.


In our Sophomore year Zona Kenney began adding honor to our record by winning the Lincoln Prize Essay Medal. This year our President was Spencer Palmer and Miss Ruby acted as our faculty advisor.


At Commencement in 1926 Zona Kenney again brought honor to our class by winning the scholastic cup given for the highest scholastic average of the year.


Our Sophomore year served to make us better acquainted with each other so that we blossomed out as a class as Juniors.


Oh, how proud we were when we returned to school in September 1926. Now we were upper classmen at last!


We were soon organized with the following officers: President, Spencer Palmer; Vice President, Martha Raux; Secretary-Treasurer, Zona Kenney. Miss Gordon was our very competent faculty advisor.


Our class up until this time, had not enjoyed a social event together. In February 1927 we had a class banquet in the library. "Eats" always draw a crowd and our junior Banquet was no exception. Several able committees prepared an excellent meal and a splendid entertainment. Several faculty members were our guests. After the program, we danced in the gym.


During our Junior Year, we shared glory with Doris Morgan when she won the local Prize Speaking Contest.


Members of our junior class edited the school paper successfully under the leadership of Miss Briggs.


As Juniors we revived the custom of having a Junior Class Play. The Play was a modernized version of Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice." The cast "put across" a clever comedy.


One Friday afternoon in May a few faithful souls gathered in the gym and held a tea dance as a preliminary to the Prom. This was a class affair to stimulate interest in dancing.


And then came our Prom. Its great success was due to the hard work of the committees under the direction of Miss Gordon. Our Prom set a high example for all future classes to try to equal. It was the climax of our Junior Year.


And now we come to the last, best-loved year when we feel we know our classmates and have kinder feelings toward our school.


At our first meeting we chose these officers: President, Frank Connors; Vice-President, Annette Watson; Secretary, Martha Raux; and Treasurer, Arvon Jones. Mr. Baker has capably guided our class through its Senior year.


Our first social activity was an outdoor Barbeque held in Russell's Park. A delicious picnic lunch was served and an orchestra added to the enjoyment. This jolly affair drew us together once more.


Bob Pierce was the next to add to our glory bv being chosen fullback on the All Central New York Eleven. Besides this one star's success, we are proud we were Seniors when the I. H. S. Eleven defeated Herkimer.


Our next function was a novel one, a "Rough House Rosie" Party which took place in the gym one evening just before Christmas. Prizes were awarded for the cleverest costumes interpreting the spirit of the party. The time was spent in dancing while a grab bag and refreshments added greatly to the pleasure of the evening.


In February, an enjoyable banquet was held in the library. A program of speaking and music followed the dinner. After this, we danced in the gym.


This year the Senior and Junior classes are combining in producing "The Stranger" for their class play. It is of a different type than has been used heretofore and promises to be one of unusual excellence.


To our sorrow we realize that our high school days will soon be over. We still have Commencement and the Senior Ball to look forward to and then we will no longer be seniors in the I. H. S. but we'll never forget it and we'll always remember the good times we had there.



Gussie Laun

Four long years

We've sped along

Carrying our books and singing a song

Then there were tears

But Oh! to live over those four long years.


Irene Ross

Doris Kenyon



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