Ilion High School

1929 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1929"


The members of the class of '29 have varied ability, and we are proud to be able to claim the different ones who have added honor to our name. Our history has been an eventful one throughout four long years.


As freshmen we were as "green" as most freshman classes but still just as proud to be in high school.


In our sophomore year we were organized into a group headed by Frederick Burkhart, president; Lillian Brothers, vice president; and was our competent faculty adviser, Dorothy Bleau, secretary-treasurer, Miss Briggs.


As Juniors we were more fully recognized by the school. We were headed by Harvey Watson, Dorothy Bleau and Charles Decker, with Miss Churchill leading and advising.


Then came the new school year, the year for which we had all been waiting eagerly. At our first meeting we chose Robert Ainslie, president; Dorothy Bleau, vice president; George Angell, secretary; and Lillian Brothers, treasurer; and Miss Churchill to carry on her splendid work as adviser. Ilion High soon afterward plunged into the football season, ending with the highest honor a school in Central New York could attain---the football trophy standing for our championship.


The twenty-niners were then honored in having George Angell chosen captain of the team for the coming football year. We now feel assured of their success under his leadership.


Nor have we neglected the social side of life, as the "Bacon Bat" and "Masquerade" testify. Moreover, we joined with the Juniors in a Washington's Birthday Party.


Our class is proud to claim such a large representation in the Sportsmanship Brotherhood. Since the last semi-annual election we are represented by 18 members: Lillian Plunkett, Elizabeth Scott, Helen Jordan, Harold Walrath, Robert Ainslie, Dorothy Bleau, Jean Douglass, Frederick Burkhart, Helen Brady, Gladys Fuller, Kenneth Myers, Lillian Brothers, William Scott, Howard Williams, George Bennett, George Angell, Arthur Kerr, and Meryll Woertendyke.


We wish here to commend our leader, Robert Ainslie, who has brought honor not only to himself, but to his class. Prominent in debating and other activities, he was chosen president of the Senate at the beginning of the year and recently represented the Ilion Chapter of the Sportsmanship Brotherhood at Syracuse.


Our high school days are nearly completed. Looking back, I doubt if there is one of us who regrets sticking to the end and following the crowd. We've enjoyed being associates and we will always remember these years because they have knotted more firmly the ties of friendship.


Jean Douglass



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