Ilion High School

1934 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1934"

Every preceding class has been told that, as a class, they were good. Not so with us. From our earliest recollections we remember being told that we were the most unworthy people that every carried the name of an I. H. S. class. But now, as we near the close of our high school career, we realize that it was told to us, not as a rebuke, but as a stimulus to higher effort, and it is our sincere hope that we have not failed to respond to that stimulus.

We entered this high school as proud members of the seventh grade. It was a comedown from being the highest-elect in one school to the lowliest in the next. As a result, we wandered around more or less aimlessly until we found ourselves as sophomores.

Beginning our sophomore year, we elected Mr. Barnum faculty advisor; Margaret Fay, president; Donald White, vice president; and Maurice Goldin, secretary-treasurer. Under the direction of these capable officers, we started our high school career as a class. During the course of the sophomore year, we held a "Fall" party according to the custom. Because of the fact that our popular advisor, Mr. Barnum, was leaving our school at the end of the term, we held a "farewell" party for him. Both of these functions were well attended, and unlike most sophomore ventures, were financially successful.

At the outset of the junior year we elected Mr. Planty faculty advisor; Edward Morris, president; Margaret Fay, vice president; Florence Singer, secretary; and James Mackin, treasurer. Because the seniors were in need of Senior Annual money, we were not allowed to have any social functions during the early part of the year. However, we did manage to take part in the management of the Junior-Senior Ball which, because of careful planning and the time and energv spent in decorating, turned out to be the foremost social event of the year. Later we as juniors revived the old custom of having a class night.

We entered our Senior year resolved to make the most of our opportunities. This year our officers were as follows: Edward Morris, president; Robert Wachtman, vice president; Margaret Fay, secretary; and Francis Screw, treasurer. Early in the fall we held a "weiner" roast under Margaret Fay as chairman. Our next function was the Christmas Ball, capably managed by a committee, with Paul Garlock as chairman. Later in the year the annually combined Junior and Senior Ball was held. Amidst a picturesque scene from old Holland, King Pleasure held court for four hours. We concluded our activities with the class night dance.

Before concluding a history of our class, we feel that we should mention the signal honors that have been achieved by some of our members. The class has a large membership in the Sportsmanship Brotherhood. Margaret Fay, Florence Singer, Elisabeth Wasmer, Virginia Casey, Emma Carr, Winfield Scott Harris, Lee Luther, Louise Plunkett, Eleanor Jones, Fred Davis, Edward Morris, Isma Kerr, Julia Carpenter, Jayne Allison, LaVonne Goodale, John McGrath, Ken France, Lester Waters, Billie Christiana and Hayden Williams are Seniors who belong to this honorary society. Florence Singer, Margaret Fay, Elisabeth Wasmer, Louise Plunkett, Virginia Casey, Joseph Leese, Edward Morris, Robert Wachtman, Emma Carr, Doris Millson, Naomi Congdon, Jayne Allison, Frederick Schremp and Inez Crocker are Senior members of the National Honor Society. The class distinguished itself as juniors in being the first Junior Class in which more than one member earned the Honor I. Four members of our class, Donald Suits, Margaret Fay, Florence Singer and Edward Morris, earned this honor during their junior year.

For their hard work during the four years of high school, Louise Plunkett was chosen Valedictorian and Elisabeth Wasmer, Salutatorian. Florence Singer, Naomi Congdon, Virginia Casey, Joseph Leese, Margaret Fay, Helen Bedworth, Robert Wachtman, and Fred Schremp were honor students for four years of high school.

We leave this school indebted to it for many things. From her we have received our education. In her halls we have made many valuable and lasting friendships. On her we build the foundations of our life. Any mark that we may make, the honor is hers; any deed that we may do, the glory of achievement we owe to her.



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