Ilion High School

1942 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1942"

This is the station I.H.S. presenting to you the history of the Class of 1942. We will review the history so you can recall all the happy and memorable events of the past years.

First on our program is our Freshman Year. We were cordially invited into the Ilion High School by our upper classmen. Slowly we became acquainted with the teachers and other students. On December 3 of that year, we had a party sponsored by the homeroom officers and teachers. An especially good time was had, dancing, playing games, and eating refreshments.

The first ones to receive Block I's were Joe Bates for baseball and Barb Murray for tennis.

Second on our program is our Sophomore Year. The officers chosen for that year were: President, Paul Momberger; Vice-President, Joe Bates; Secretary, Mary Powers; and Treasurer, Ann Williams. A Sophomore party was held in the gym, and we danced to the music of Herbie Barnum's Swingsters.

Dave Cramer received his football letter, while Joe Bates, Ray Bullis, Doug Rice, Larry Kelly, and Paul Momberger received letters in baseball. Again the only female receiving a letter was Barb Murray.

Third on our program is our Junior Year. Mr. Coons, who is now in the Army, came to the Ilion High to coach and work with our football team. Through much work and practice with the tackling dummy, we defeated Mohawk by a score of 12-0 and Little Falls by a score of 12-6. We tied two games with Oneida and Frankfort with a score of 7-7. At last came our big game with Herkimer, but much to our disappointment, we were defeated by a score of 12-0. A group of pretty young lassies were chosen to cheer the J. V. games. The chosen ones were Katie Panarites, Marge Bullis, Ann Williams, Nancy Allen, Barb Murray, and Helen Innes.

The Senate again awarded Block I's to A. Hess, R. Davis, J. Bates, B. Murray, H. Miller, and S. Van Alstyne for their merit shown in basketball.

The Junior-Senior Prom that was held in May transformed the gray and desolate looking gym into an old-fashioned garden. Merriell Thayer was named Queen.

Our baseball team was very successful this year. Seven games were won and five lost. With Harry Yardley, Frank Marsden, and Tom Grimm pitching, the whole team showed considerable improvement under the coaching of Mr. Swarthout.

The most interesting part of the program is our Senior Year. We selected these class officers who have carried on their duties exceptionally well: President, Frank Soules; Vice-President, Gerald Singleton; Secretary, Nancy Allen; and Treasurer, George Johnson.

Since Mr. Coons was called to do his part in the defense of the U. S. A., Mr. Finnegan, a former graduate of I.H.S. entered our institution of learning as a history teacher and football coach. Our first game was played under the floodlights at Braves' Field, Utica, where we played Whitesboro and were defeated 6-0. We were also defeated by Clinton, 31-12, and then we tied Mohawk 0-0. We defeated Little Falls, 20-14, and tied Frankfort, 7-7. During a heavy downpour of rain, hundreds of spectators watched the "Golden Bombers" defeat the "Red Magicians" of Herkimer by a score of 15-0. It was a hard game trying to play in the mud and rain, and the boys deserved much praise. Some of the star players were Harold Miller, Ray Bullis, Bernard Murray, Don Alverson, Bill Kamp, Skip Marsden, Dave Cramer, Izzy Momberger, and, of course, without the cooperation of the rest of the team, it might have been another story. Ilion is proud of the team, and we hope that they can continue the fine work next year. After beating Herkimer, we were placed second in the Mohawk Valley League.

The same cheerleaders were chosen to keep 'em cheering, while five snappy drum-majorettes were chosen to lead the band. The twirlers were Betty Brower, Paula Lauer, Nancy Ingro, Mabelle Burke, and Helen Paulus. The cheerleaders and drum-majorettes were dressed in gold and brown uniforms, and they did their part in all the games.

Before our Christmas vacation, a Christmas Ball was sponsored by the Senior Class. Betty Brower reigned as Snow Queen, and, as a whole, the Ball was a great success.

In spite of our happy and successful year, an unfortunate and unforgettable accident occurred. We refer to the death of Dave Cramer, who was fatally injured in an automobile accident with his companion, Martin Schwartz. Dave, a football star and leading character in the operetta, "The Pirates of Penzance," was well liked by everyone. The operetta was dedicated to his memory. The Senior Class attended his funeral in a body, while the football players were the bearers.

A special assembly was held for Coach Finnegan when he announced that he was to go in the Navy the next day. After gifts were presented by the faculty, football squad, and his history class, a few words were said in his praise for the good work that he did during his short time he was with us.

Our class play this year is called "Big Hearted Herbert." It is about the predicament that almost every girl gets into with her family when she entertains.

We have had a wonderful time during these past years, and it has been a victorious session. We all realize that our years of school have been an invaluable preparation for that part of life that is yet to come.



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