Ilion High School

1963 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1963"


Attention! A strange rumor is sweeping Ilion's halls of ivy. We, the Class of '63, are finally graduating. Due to much hard work, years of patience, quiet study, the efforts of persistent teachers, and a lot of luck, we are finally leaving.

As eager and wide-awake freshmen, we began by electing Susie Wood president of Junior High Senate. Our class was represented in Senate by: Vince Bonvino, Bob Heneka, Tom Deyle, Cheryl Jones, Nancy Morris, Janet Cormia, and Mary Pat Kerr.

Our first and only daring adventure was the night of the class games when we lost to a very lucky sophomore class; however, we had some good times later in the evening at Vince Bonvino's and Kathy Sullivan's open houses, and at Laura Mason's pajama party.


With our freshman frolic over, we advanced so that doubtfully into our sophomore year. We elected Tom Doyle, president; Bob Heneka, vice-president; Marilyn Nile, secretary; and Nancy Morris, treasurer to lead us through this uncertain year. Mrs. Ann DeReus and Mr. James Fahy became our class advisers. Representing our sophomore class in Senior High Student Council were May Pat Kerr, who was elected secretary, Pat Hart, Barb Scanlon, Susie Wood, Vince Bonvino, Sam Bottini, Bea Nelson, Linda Kennell, Janet Cormia, Vicki Rice, and Cheryl Jones.

Our first attempt at fund raising was our dance, "Swing and Sway with the Sophs," which cannot be classified as a success. We did prove, though, that we weren't complete failures by the huge profits gathered from our basketball coat check.

On class games night we easily defeated the frosh, with the help of our mascot, Snoopy, a dog.

At the end of our sophomore year, Susie Wood, Cheryl Jones, Janet Cormia, Mary Pat Kerr, Marilyn Nile, and Vicki Rice were chosen junior varsity cheerleaders.


We began junior year with the following officers: Bob Heneka, president; Wes Lints, vice-president of Student Council; and Fay Edwards, Cheryl Jones, Susie Wood, John Gogol, Greg Campbell, Vince Bonvino, Dave Haggarty, and Nancy Shaepe represented us there.

Our magazine sale, led by Vince Bonvino and Tom Deyle, netted huge profits. With experience in good salesmanship behind us, we doubled our treasure with profits from our basketball concession. It was also during this season that our varsity basketball team led by juniors Tom Deyle, Tom Bracken, and Jim Willey, defeated Marcellus and became Secion III, Class A Champions.

We suffered our second defeat in class games when we, the "Junior Circus," lost to the senior "Mother Goose."

On May 26 we put all our funds and a lot of hard work into producing our prom, "The Twinkling Twenties." Co-chairmen, were Tom Deyle and Mary Moody.

Marilyn Nile was chosen to attend Girls' State and Tom Deyle, Tom Slocum, Jim Willey, Wes Lints, and Vince Bonvino went to Boys' State.


When school opened again we happily discovered our homeroom was the cafeteria with Mr. Bouck, Miss Ferris, Mr. Merchant and Mr. Teeter as homeroom teachers.

When football season came, we made a sizable amount of money on our football concession. Mary Pat Kerr and Wes Lints reigned over Homecoming Weekend as New Hartford defeated our Bombers. David Haggarty was chosen Varsity Football King at the T.A.C. Awards Dance in November.

Under the co-chairmenship of Tom Deyle and Marilyn Nile, we presented our senior ball, "Winterset," on December 22 featuring the "Playboys." Diane Abeling was chosen queen and Marilyn Nile, Linda Braybrook, Cheryl Jones, and Gisela Schroeder, our foreign exchange student from Germany, were chosen attendants.

"Stranger in the Night," a three-act comedy-mystery, was presented on February 9, 1963.

The last pages of the Mirror were sent to the publisher on January 26, bringing this history to a close. The supplement, which will be given to each yearbook purchaser in the fall, will include the remaining history of the class as well as spring activities and graduation activities.


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