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1966 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1966"




As we, the Senior Class, walk down the halls of Ilion High for the last time, we have much to remember. These memories-some happy, some sad-we will carry with us into the future. Let us take this opportunity now to look back and recall some of them.

Early in September of 1962, 187 enthusiastic but slightly bewildered boys and girls plunged into their first real year at I.H.S. Immediately, the upperclassmen tagged us the Freshman "babies," but, with the homework, the activities, the new faces to meet, we were too busy even to notice.

Amid all the hustle and bustle, we performed our first act as a class when we elected leaders in our homerooms. Chosen to represent us in Junior High Senate were Kirk Menard, Joe White, Jim Patrei, Dick Janis, Ken Dye, Steve Castle, Joann Mccuniber, and Pat Urtz. Later in the year, Larry Hollar was elected to lead us all as president of the Senate.

Becoming accustomed to the new and "difficult" courses of high school was quite a struggle, but we managed, and as the vear rolled by, our teachers kept us well occupied with career folders science projects, and algebra problems.

Then, as every Freshman class must, we suffered through class games. Putting forth a valiant but hopeless effort were Paul Dodge, Ken LaFlair, Ed Kasarda, Larry Kasper, Tom Smith, Pete Donahue, Jerry Angelichio, John Wainwright, Nick Maneen, Stew Robertson, and Mike Seymour.

Cheering the boys on were Sharon Dibble, Janis Nelson, Pat Urtz, Kathy Carney, Kathy Trombley, Kay Wardle, Linda Braren, Linda Abeling, and Eileen Cox.

Then on April 23, 1963, tragedy struck our class and the entire school when fire swept through the school, gutting thirty-three classrooms. However, with all of us pitching in, school was reopened four days later on a split session schedule. Our school was destroyed, but we all knew that the spirit that was itself Ilion High was still with us and would be carried within the hearts of all through the remaining years of our life at Ilion High School.

As the end of our first year at I.H.S. neared, Barb Alexander and Pat Urtz were chosen from the ranks of our class to be J.V. cheerleaders, and Carla Braun was elected secretary of Student Council for-the year, 1963-1964, our Sophomore year.




We began our Sophomore year by electing Larry Hollar class president, Betsy Morris vice-president, Sharon Dibble secretary, and Pete Donahue treasurer. Six more of our classmates were later chosen to keep order in our homerooms and to represent us in Student Council. They were Kathy Trombley, Gert Lucey, Pat Urtz, Ken Dye, Dick Janis, Gene Zimmermen, Doug Brewer, and Cathy Carney. At this same time, Miss Cipolia and Mr. Panarites began their grueling tasks as our class advisors.

Then, at our first class meeting, we decided on two money making projects for the year. These were the traditional coat check and the "Soph Hop." But, the coat check, chairmanned by Stew Robertson and Carla Braun, fell a bit short of our expectations, and we were all relying on the dance to pull us out of the slump. Oh, well, we did have loads of fun pasting paper frogs to the wall (Remember, the theme was "Leap into Leap Year"), and there was always next year to make money.

Then, class games were upon us a-ain, and what a time that was! After a lot of heated discussion, the class chose Dick Janis, Tom Smith, Paul Dodge, Ed Kasarda, Ken LaFlair, Nick Maneen, Jerry Walsh, Pete Donahue, Jerry Angelichio, Dave Smithson, Mike Seymour, Rich Reynolds, Doug Brewer, and John Wainwright to meet the Freshmen on the court.

Next, after more discussion, Betsy Morris, Kathy Hart, Kathy Carney, Pam Panarites, Pat Urtz, Barb Alexander, Linda Braren, Bonnie Dekin, and Linda Abeling were picked to lead the cheers. Naturally, we won!

In May, when cheerleading tryouts were held in the gym, Pat Urtz, Sharon Dibble, and Betsy Morris won places on the J.V. squad, while Linda Braren was lucky enough to become a Varsity cheerleader.

Later that month, Student Council elections for the next year were held. In a close vote, Betsy Morris was chosen over Nick Maneen to be vice-president of Council. Then, Sharon Dibble, Doug Brewer, Linda Ladd, and Bill Fischer were elected class president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer respectively. Thus ended a rather uneventful Sophomore year.




We were finally Juniors; two years behind us and two more to go. We started the year by electing Wayne Grey, Linda Braren, John Wainwright, Stew Robertson, Paul Gogol, Nick Maneen, and Gert Lucey as homeroom presidents and Student Council representatives.

Then, spurred on by a pitifully small treasury, we all put forth a tremendous effort, or what we thought was a tremendous effort, on the magazine sale. (Well, there was always the next year.) However, during the basketball season, the Junior concession under Bonnie Dekin and Bob Moody did manage to secure a small profit. Things were finally beginning to look up for our class, at least financially.

For in February at class games, the "Junior Bloody Buddies" - Bob Willey, Jerry Walsh, Dick Janis, Ed Kasarda, Pete Donahue, Jerry Angelichio, Dave Smithson, Stew Robertson, Nick Maneen, Ken LaFlair, Doug Brewer, Mike Seymour, Rich Reynolds, and John Wainwright-were washed up by the "Senior Detergents." The cheerleaders for our team were "Lurch Urtz," "Baron Braren," "Deadly Dekin," "Zombie Trombley," "Abominable Abeling," "Boris Morris," "Devil Dibble," "Demon Decker," and "Loomis."

When it was time to order our class rings, we voted to replace Minerva with the newly adopted school seal. For the first time, our class broke with tradition. (We were to break with tradition again in our Senior year when we voted down the Senior Ball in favor of a simple dance.)

Spring soon arrived and with it the Junior Prom, "Aloha Hawaii." Co-chairmanned by Gert Lucey and Carla Braun, the prom proved to be a lot of fun despite the hard work and the long hours spent transforming the gym into a tropical paradise.

Spring also brought with it both Student Council and class elections. After a week of campaigning, Nick Maneen was elected president of Council and Linda Braren was voted treasurer. In class elections, Dick Janis was voted president. Stew Robertson vice-president, Linda Ladd secretary, and Dave Smithson treasurer.

And, once again cheerleading tryouts were held, and Linda Braren, Sharon Dibble, and Betsy Morris became Varsity cheerleaders for their Senior year.

Then, it was summertime, and school was out but not for one member of our class, for Larry Hollar traveled to Columbia as an exchange student. We were all looking forward to the student that would visit him in our Senior year.




As the work became harder, the parties fewer, and graduation more real, we entered into our final year at IHS.

With us for this year was Karun Obyam, our foreign exchange student from Thailand. Later, in December, another foreign student, Alberto Boggione from Argentina, became a member of our class. During their short stays here, both Oby and Alberto became important members of our class.

The homeroom presidents we elected to represent us in Student Council this year were Sharon Dibble, Mike Paestella, Ann Kelly, Pete Donahue, Rich Reynolds, Carla Braun, and Pat Urtz.

In a final effort to make money to pay for graduation expenses, we appointed Gert Lucey and Bev Owen to head the annual card sale and Bonnie Dekin and Jim Patrei to run the Senior football concession. Both endeavors proved to be sucessful, and we were saved from financial disaster.

In November, Queen Linda Braren and King Nick Maneen reigned over Homecoming festivities. Although we lost the game with Herkimer, the weekend's activities, planned by Linda Ladd, were fun for all.

As the 1966 Mirror goes to press, we still have many Senior activities to enjoy. The coming months will bring Class Games, the Junior Prom, the class picnic, Dress-down Day, Dress-up Day, and finally Graduation.

We will never forget our years at Ilion High School. The homework, the teachers, the games, the friends, the sad times and the happy times will forever remain a part of each member of the Class of '66.


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