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1974 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1974"


For the class of '74, it is time to move on. In a way, that's sad. Maybe it's like this with every class, but we consider our class to be something special. We have pulled together with great success. Of course, not all of our memories can be put down in this class history, but most of those experienced as a class can be. So, this is our story.

Our Freshman class was represented by Bob McCann, our President; Phil Anderson, Vice President; Mark Hendrick, secretary; and Mary Duffy, treasurer. Brian Day was our Student Council representative, serving as coordinating secretary. Homeroom presidents were Mark Riley, Elaine Hyer, Rusty Moore, Steve Hyer, and Peg Nile. Under the supervision of Mr. Daly, our advisor, we started our first (and only) venture as a Freshman class. We had a Christmas card sale in which we made a grand total of $8. 00. However, we did manage to capture first place in the Winter Carnival snow sculpture that year, with the theme, "Take Us Higher." Nancy Morris was our freshman attendant to the queen.

We proved to be a more united class in our Sophomore year, under the leadership of Nancy Morris, president; Pat DeForrest, vice-president; Brian Day, secretary; and Sue Bates, treasurer. Mary Duffy was elected to the position of Student Council treasurer, and Karen Gollegly and Kathy Morris were our representatives. Homeroom presidents were Steve Hyer, Cory Nunneker, Bob McCann, Mary Duffy, Peg Nile, and Jim Garnsey. Mr. Dempster and Mrs. Cataudella took over as our class advisors. Our first event of the year was our sophomore car wash, which added $68.73 to our treasury. But we didn't stop there. Our homecomling float, "CurseU MaroonKnights" took second place, bringing in an additional $15. 00. We placed third in the snow sculpture contest with the theme, "Sophs Are the Cream of the Crop. " Pam Weller was our attendant to the queen, and Mark Kasper was her escort. In April we held a Spaghetti Dinner, which was a tremendous success. Not only did it bring us $350. 00, but it was also a fun project for our class and our parents. We next held the traditional sophomore dance, featuring "Dove. " This project added $140.00 to our treasury. The Sophomores placed third in the total number of points in the class games, filling out a very productive year.

Our Junior year was also filled with happy memories. Our class officers were Tom Bowes, president; Steve Smith, Vice-President; Margy Vella, Secretary; and Brian Day, Treasurer. Aileen Carney was elected Vice President of Student Council, and Class representatives were Linda Service, Mary Duffy, Nancy Morris, and Kevin Sorge.

Our final project was the Junior Magazine Sale, Denise Bernier was the chairman of a very successful drive which made $800.00 for our class. The juniors took first place with their Homecoming '72 float--"Johnstown will shine . . . We Mean Our Shoes."

The Class of '74 sponsored another successful dance in December. Jane Evans reigned as junior attendant to the Winter Carnival Queen, and Steve Smith was her escort.

Our junior Prom was, perhaps, our most impressive achievement. With Paula Raymond and Sue Bates as cochairmen, we set to work on "Stairway To Heaven." The prom took place on May 19th, and was very successful.

At the end of our Junior year, Peg Nile received the R. P. I. medal for excellence in Math and Science.

Our Senior year has been guided by President Karen Gollegly, vice-president Kathy Morris, secretary Jane Evans, and treasurer Jim Garnsey.

Our Senior Homecoming was a very happy one, due greatly to the achievements of our football team. Bob McCann and Lynn Maley reigned as king and queen, while our senior float, "Damn the Falls" brought us first place money.

Our Senior Ball, the first one put on by Ilion High School in quite awhile, was also a big event. Linda Service was crowned queen. With "Prism" once again providing the music, this time at the Hart's Hill Inn. The ball, held on December 23rd, was a nice Christmas present for the many seniors and juniors that attended.

The seniors have many opportunities to receive awards, and we are especially proud of the honors some members of our class have received. Heidi Merritt as semi-finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Test, and she also represented Ilion in All-State Chorus. The Bausch and Lomb Science award was received by Eric Leskovec. Kathy Morris did an outstanding job winning the local and county oratorical contest.

We have only mentioned some of the achievements our class has made in the four years we've been at Ilion High School. We can't help but feel that our success as a class has been due to the togetherness that we have exhibited. We're proud of the Class of 1974, and maybe that is why it will be so hard to part in June. When we do, we will take with us many fine memories of our days at Ilion High School.


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