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1975 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1975"


DATELINE: Washington, September 5, 1962
Kennedy Pledges Any Step to Bar Cuban Aggression

DATELINE: Ilion, September 5, 1962
Two Hundred Runny Nosed Kids Begin Kindergarten


Thirteen Years ago, Debbie Doolen was playing with her doll in the West Hill Kindergarten. John Paoni was pushing his truck around the floor of the Annunciation Kindergarten. Mary Jane Doty was taking a nap on a little cot in her kindergarten. We've come a long way. Now we're great big seniors.

As we look back over the years, we think of many good times and bad. All and all we've had a happy thirteen years in the schools in Ilion.



Our freshman year, our class officers were: President, Arlene Gogol, Vice-president, Pat Volo, and Secretary, Leisa Albin.

The major event of our year was the float we made for Homecoming. We all worked hard on it and spent long hours planning it. After all our hard work, the float was disqualified. Oh, well.

Our next project was our snow sculpture for Winter Carnival. We did well on this and built a racing car with the theme, "The Class of 1975 Is Racing To Success." -- second place this time. Patti Volo and Kenny Keddell were attendant and escort to the queen.



It wasn't long before 1972-73 rolled around. We were under the guidance of Mr. Whaley and led by Ed Scram, Sally McCann, and Deb Tillinghast. This year was tackled with a little more confidence, a little more experience, and a little more pride.

Our first project was a Homecoming float. It was constructed around the theme: "Johnstown's spirit is a Draggin'." We spent a lot of time in that old barn on Upper Otsego Street, trying to draw, staple, and paint under the light of one fifty-watt bulb. For our efforts, we captured last place. Our only consolation, besides having fun, was that we won the big game.

To make money, we sponsored a dance. It was a big success and brought us a good profit.

Deb Tillinghast and Jim Jeffreys were the Winter Carnival attendants.



We began our junior year with great enthusiasm. Mrs. Thompson joined Mr. Whaley as our class advisor. Our class officers were President, Ken Keddell, Patsy Earl, Vice-President, Ann Kenealy, Treasurer and Gail Yardley, Secretary.

Then came the new school year, the year for which we had all been waiting eagerly. At our first meeting we chose Robert Ainslie, president; Dorothy Bleau, vice president; George Angell, secretary; and Lillian Brothers, treasurer; and Miss Churchill to carry on her splendid work as adviser. Ilion High soon afterward plunged into the football season, ending with the highest honor a school in Central New York could attain---the football trophy standing for our championship.

Our first project was our magazine sale which Ann Kennealy was chairman of. Each and every member of the class pitched in and helped, and this was the reason for our big success. We made more money and sold more magazines than any other class before us. We were all pleased with this achievement.

The next event of our junior year was the putting together of a float for Homecoming. Our theme was "Strike a 'V' for Victory." After many long hours and much cardboard, kleenex flowers and spray paint, we produced a float consisting of a large Typewriter in brown and gold. On the opposite end were brown and gold goalposts, all on a make-believe football field. We were proud of our efforts and felt sure we deserved first prize. As the float was being pulled over the bridge from the old barn, we were all dismayed as a large tree branch ripped through the paper which carried a large typewritten "V". We were pleased when our float did place second.

Soon after Homecoming, the class started running the concession stands for basketball and wrestling. Everyone pitched in and helped, and due to this effort, a sizeable amout was added to our bank account. For Winter Carnival, Cissy Hoffman and Neil Humphrey were elected to reign.

We began plans for our junior prom early --- one of the reasons for our great success. Mike Savage, Deb Alsante and Patsy Earl did a fine job as our co-chairmen. Without their leadership, our prom wouldn't have gotten off the ground. The theme for the prom was "Dancing in the Moonlight." The band was "Christopher." It was held on May 18, 1974. We spent much time and money on the prom. Every night for over three weeks, a group of juniors would meet to paint, paste or punch flowers in our chicken wire bushes. On the day of the prom, we all agreed our effort was worth it. The gym was transformed into a beautiful ballroom. And that night, many couples enjoyed the results of our hard work. Our junior prom was the largest success in our history.



Finally, in the fall of 1974, we began the school year as "super seniors." Our long awaited year had finally begun. We held class elections early in the year. Deb Alsante was chosen as president, while Dan Trevor was picked as vice-President. Ann Strife and Arlene Gogol were elected treasurer and secretary, respectively.

As soon as football season began, so did our class events. We were in charge of the concession stand. We sold quite a bit of food and made a lot of money. The long, cold hours of hard work had paid off.

Homecoming 1974 was greeted by the great enthusiasm by the senior class. All the senior girls were presented with flowers. Our eight boy cheerleaders were full of pep, anxiously awaiting the big pep rally. Sandy Collins and Deb Alsante were emcees at the pep rally and did a great job, filling the school with enthusiasm for the coming game. The boy cheerleaders gave a hilarious skit and then, finally, came the picking of the king and queen. That night, the senior girls all had dinner together at Cherry's Restaurant before the bonfire.

Saturday dawned bright and clear. We were busy putting the finishing touches on our float before the parade began. It only came in third, but it seemed to be a favorite among the spectators. And then --- the game. We were all extremely happy when our team came out on top of Johnstown in an exciting game. We really gave them a hard time, beating them 41-7. The weekend was climaxed with a victory dance in the boy's gym.

The next event in our senior year was our pizza sale. It was held on December 7 and was a great success. We made and delivered many pizzas that afternoon. Who would have believed the senior class were chefs, too?

One big project in our senior year was the Christmas Ball, held on December 22, at the Diplomat Restaurant. The band was Prism. Much time was spent planning the ball which was attended and enjoyed by many.

For Winter Carnival, Sandy Collins was elected queen and Danny Trevor was elected king. Ann Strife and Eddie Scram were the attendants. The senior girls' team won the toboggan races with a tight and close race.

Well, it's February of graduating year. We plan two dances. We also hope to have a senior variety show. Finally, we all are excited and full of great anticipation, but still we feel sadness at leaving Ilion High School. Everyone in the class of 1975 has learned and grown in the past years we have spent here. We leave with many dreams for the future and many memories of the past; for we will never forget the years we spent together as the class of 1975.


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