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1977 Senior Class History


Sitting in the auditorium today, we-the Senior Class of Ilion High School have gathered for our last assembly before graduation. The class president is standing on the stage trying to quiet down everyone with a special look toward the row of girls I was sitting with.

Within the next few weeks all this would be behind us. Soon we would be going in different directions. A few of us would keep in touch for a while, but most of us probably won't. It will seem strange not to see some of these faces everday anymore. Some of these kids have been with me since kindergarden, they're kind of like a second family.

When I think back to all of the things we've been through together-from grade school to high school it's really amazing.

We started our high school days be electing our 9th grade class officers and our advisors who would faithfully guide us through the next four years. Ann Emerson was elected as President, and Tina Johnson, Sue Gamage, and Joanne Salvaggio were elected as Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer respectively. And probaly most important, we asked Mrs. Murtaugh and Mr. Krenichyn to be our advisors.

Our biggest project of that year was a candy sale which also turned out to be our biggest flop. We lost alot of money on that sale and ended our freshman year $40 in the hole. But that didn't stop us.

I can remember working on our homecoming float in ninth grade. It was a harvest scene; we stapled some leaves on the backboard and put a few pumpkins around. For the added touch we put a sheet on a stick to represent a ghost. Yes we were quite the artistic class back then. (We've improved a little since then.) The float did not look too good that year although we wouldn't admit it at the time. We had a lot of fun working on it and that's what counts.

Our officers who led us through our Sweet Soph. year were Brian Lytwynec as President, Dale Miller as Vice President, Dean Beachard as Secretary, and Dave Bluett as Treasurer.

In tenth grade our float was considerably better, it featured a barbershop scene with a real live barbershop quartet. We got second place that year which made us very happy although we really thought we deserved first.

That same year we also had the annual sophmore spaghetti supper. We were warned that if we did not do well on that dinner our class would be socially dissolved. We ended ups doing very well that night; so well in fact, that we ran out of spaghetti and had to make more in a hurry. Some of the people were served spaghetti so starch that they could pick up their entire plate of spaghetti with their fork-all in one big clump. None of the guests complained about this however, and we ended up doing quite well on that dinner.

In the 11th grade our class really pulled together. Brian Lytwynec was again our president with Shelly Snyder as Vice President, Cathy Comins as Secreatry, and Dale Miller as Treasurer.

Our first project was the Junior Magazine Sale. Our class did far better than the one before us, and I think we may have broken a school record.

Our homecoming float was the second project we worked on as a class last year. It was magnificent, the best float Ilion had had in years, - only-it blew apart before the parade. You have never seen so many grown kids crying as on that unfortunate occasion. All our weeks of unending labor had just blown apart before our very eyes. We gathered courage from one another and bravely went through the parade anyway, to show that even a great tragedy couldn't take away our spirit.

We were a sorry group of kids at the football game that day. It was raining and we were crying and we had to put up with all the humiliating jeers of the other classes. During the half-time of that game, when it was announced that our gloat had taken first place in the competition, we went wild! Everyone was hugging and screaming and jumping; all our tears of sadness turned to tears of joy. What a fantastic feeling, we had thought that we would not even place, and we had won!!

Afterwards, we found out that a polaroid picture of our float had been submitted to the judges, and that's how we won. The rest of that game and the homecoming dance were ecstatically happy for our class. I think we made the band announce that the Junior float had won between every dance.

Another happy day for us last year was when we got our class rings. We were very proud of them, and I think they helped to unite us as a class even stronger than before.

The Junior Concession Stand also helped us to become closer as a class, along with bringing in a lot of dough.

The hotdog we made for winter carnival last year was quite gross, and we didn't win any prizes for that.

Our last project of our Junior year, and probably our biggest high school project was the Junior Prom. Jan Yardley and Stephen Brown were chosen as co-chairmen and both did a fantastic job.

We worked very hard on the prom all year: choosing a theme, choosing decorations, ordering decorations and prom books, making bushes, drawing and painting scenery, etc... We had our usual problems with the prom, such as the night before the prom when I learned we had no tables! On the day of the prom we went up to the school for the last minute preparations. We found water on the gym floor. It seems the pool we had been using for our fountain had sprung a leak. We made a frantic search of Ilion for another pool, and lucky for us, we found one. HUH! The first thing that I was informed of when I got to the prom was that the band did not know our theme song. DID NOT KNOW OUR THEME SONG!?! WHAT?? Oh No!! What more could go wrong? We ended up hearing our theme song from an album over the loud speaker.

Finally, during intermission, the time came we had all been waiting for-the announcement of the Queen and her court. Jan Yardley was chosen for Queen with Shelly Snyder, Karen Johnson. Sue Gamage, and Vicki Holtz as her attendents.

However, in spite of all our problems, the prom really was a huge success. There were more couples at that prom than had ever attended an Ilion High School Prom, and I think all of those couples had a very good time.

This year, our final year as Super Seniors, has been quite a year! Shelley Snyder has led us through our final year as President along with Nancie Bowes, Sue Gamage, and Dave Bluett as Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer respectively.

Tammi Lang and Sue Gamage were chairmen for our football concession stands which unfortunately were not as profitable moneywise as they might have been because it rained on all but one home game, but spiritually those freezing cold hours at the concession stand were priceless.

Homecoming weekend fell on the first weekend in November this year. Donn Reile and Shelley Snyder reigned over the weekend's activities as our King and Queen.

I've never seen a noisier, more spirited bunch of Seniors than our class was at the homecoming pep rally this year. There must have been about a ton of confetti covering the Senior section that day; and it seemed like everyone brought in an empty can with stones in them for noise makers and I thought for sure we'd all be tied together after everyone finished throwing those rolls of streamers around.

Our homecoming float this year didn't even place although it was actually fairly good.

Our Senior Christmas Ball was another one of our many record breaking successes. Karen Johnson was chairman of the affair. It was held at the Ramada Inn on December 19th with Jasons' Ex-Callibur providing music for us. They were fantastic. During the intermission Karen Johnson was chosen as the Queen. I honestly think everyone including the chaperones, had a really great time.

Winter Carnival was the last major activity I.H.S. held for us except graduation. Chuck Brooks and Diana Duffy were chosen as king and queen during the basketball game on Friday night. Tami Steele and Mike Sculpture was non-existant up until the before the judging and after many hours of hard work, it was disqualified due to lack of a slogan. Oh well!!

"Hey, stop daydreaming!" My friend sitting next to me nudged me with her elbow. "Where has your mind been?" "The assembly's over with, it's time to go to our Senior Picnic." "Come on, hurry up, I want to get there early, let's go."


Written by Jan Yardley and Karen Johnson

Senior Class Officers
President - Shelly Snyder
Vice President - Nancy Bowes
Secretary - Sue Gamage
Treasurer - Dave Bluett


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