Ilion High School

1982 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1982"


Once upon a time, there was a class of shy and timid freshmen. And in early September 1978, this group of people began their first year of senior high school.

This new experience brought on many challenges. One, to get organized as a class, led us to chooseMr. Collea and Miss O'Hara as our class advisors. With the leadership of our class officers, LynnManley-President, Nancy Bosquet-Vice-President, Linda Annutto-Secretary and Carol Duffy-Treasurer,it was us against the world.

Homecoming and our first crack at the float contest arrived sooner than we expected. We took thirdplace, which was also lower than we expected. However, we looked forward expectantly to WinterWeekend where… we failed to even produce a snow sculpture. However, it was an enjoyable weekendand Ron Stafford and Elissa Trefzger were chosen to attend the Royal Couple as Freshman Escort andAttendant.

As the year progressed our efforts were directed to keeping our little heads above the academicwaters.

The following fall, as Sweet-sweet Sophs, we began the year by electing Nancy Bosquet-President, Dana Lennox-Vice-President, Tim Morris-Treasurer, and Mary Cofin-Secretary.

Our Homecoming float was entitled "The Knights are for the Birds”" and so was the judging. Thirdplace was ours again.

Disgusted with ourselves over our efforts in the last years snow sculpture, we waited for the snow…and none came. Winter Weekend went on as planned, though, and Tom Haggerty and Sandy Simonette were chosen as Escort and Attendant.

In our first attempt at raising money, we tackled the job of feeding the hungry crowds at basketball games and wrestling matches. Confident in the food business, we undertook organizing the sophomore spaghetti supper, it was a success!

The following September we became Jolly-Olly Juniors. Along with Ron Stafford as President, Chuck McTiernan-Vice-President, Liz Cunningham-Treasurer and Mark Sorenson-Secretary, we welcomed a new member to the team; Mrs. Stafford became our new class advisor.

Our homecoming float, "We'll Squash the Trojans" won first place. It was about time!

Money hungry as usual, we raised the desired funds with the magazine sale, rough start and all.

With another year of winter came another Winter Weekend. Our Colombian Foreign Exchange Student, Marta Cuerter, was chosen Attendant and Joe Fusco was chosen as Escort.

From then on every effort was concentrated on the Junior Prom. Plans were made, materials ordered and work started a few short days before the big event.

When May 23rd finally arrived, the gym had been transformed into something mysterious and beautiful. "We've Got Tonight" was a perfect theme, and Linda Murphy and Sue Fake had done a perfect job!

Linda Murphy was selected as our Queen, escorted by Wayne Redmond. All of our hard work and sleepless nights were well worth it…the most important event…our Junior Prom was a success and will be remembered by all for years to come.

The most important and exciting year of high school had begun at last. As seniors, our class officers were Tom Haggerty-President, Tim Morris-Vice-President, Lynn Manley-Secretary, and Carol Duffy-Treasurer.

At Homecoming, our last chance as students, the senior girls received flowers Friday morning and that afternoon, Larry Outtrim and Beth Fikes were chosen as our King and Queen at the Pep-Rally. The Senior Dinner was held at Cherry's. That next day the football team lost a close one against Frankfort but our float, entitled "No lion, We're Number One" took first place.

In December, the Christmas Ball, under the direction of Barbie Brien, was held at the Sheraton Inn.

Later in the winter came, of course, Winter Weekend, and of course, not enough snow for snow sculptures. At the Pep Rally, we took first place in the poster contest with "Seniors Shine". Chuck McTiernan and Nancy Bosquet reigned as King and Queen, while Don Vivacqua and Phyllis Hoffman were chosen Escort and Attendant. In class games we beat the juniors in volleyball and the senior team of Mary Daly, Linda Annutto, Phyllis Hoffman, Patti Putch and Dorri Basler ran away with the toboggan race title.


Submitted by Class of '82 President; Tom Haggerty


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