Ilion High School

1989 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1989"


We don't realize how fast time fies. As we anticipate our graduation, we look back into the past and recall all the memories and fun times we have had at IHS.

As freshmen, we started off the year great. Our class officers were Kristin Zito president, Lisa Canipe vice-president, Michele Gadziala secretary, and Kathy Harris treasurer. During homecoming weekend, we worked very hard and put together a whale of a float that won second place. Being only freshmen, we were very proud of it. During Winter Weekend, we chose Eric Calhoun and Lisa Canipe as our escort and attendant. Prom time came and several of us were chosen to be servers. The servers were Holly Larson, Eric Calhoun, Kathy Harris, John Coroniti, Jacy Pantoja, Aaron Greene, Karen Sullivan, Dave Geloso, Beth Durkin, Mike Menge, Betsy Getman, and Todd Hoffman.

As sophomores, we had another exciting year. Our class officers were Beth Durkin president, Michelle Worden vice-president, Jacy Pantoja secretary, and Holly Larson treasurer. Homecoming Weekend came, and we again snatched second place for our float. During Winter Weekend, we chose Sam Maneen and Kelli Loomis as our escort and attendant.

Our junior year was a busy one. Our class officers were Julie Curley president, Beth Durkin vice-president, Karen Sullivan secretary, and Kevin Holmes treasurer. Homecoming Weekend had again arrived. This time our float dominated and captured first place. In addition, our poster of the "California Raisins" won first place during our annual Homecoming pep rally. During Winter Weekend, we chose Scott Klosner and Jacy Pantoja as our escort and attendant. Having the prom coming up, we had to raise a lot of money. We did this through our magazine sale.

Our senior year is what we had all been waiting for. Our class officers were Lisa Canipe president, Chet Gregg vice-president, Karen Sullivan secretary, Holly Larson treasurer. Being the graduating class, we were very anxious and excited. We were also sad at the fact that graduation would separate some of us, but we have those special memories that we can look back upon and smile.


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