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Photograph taken September 1, 2013

"Gone but not forgotten"
Linda Pugh Whittemore - Class of 1968 and former IHS Faculty Member

The Ilion High school memorial stone was dedicated to all students, faculty and staff who were associated with the school.

This memorial was originally gifted to Ilion High School by the class of 2003, as well as donations made by others who attended the school.

When the Ilion and Mohawk schools merged and Ilion HS became Central Valley Academy, the administration, at that time, decided to remove this memorial from its location near the entrance to the fitness center. It was dismantled and stored at the Armory Hill Cemetery maintenance garage, which is near the high school tennis courts.

Flowers donated by The Flower Barn (Bob McDowell IHS 1976)

Since then, Rob Fahey, caretaker of the cemetery, and I discussed the possibility of re-setting this memorial stone inside the entrance of Armory Hill Cemetery, facing the high school. This project has completed (thanks to Rob) and is located just inside the cemetery gates on the left, across from the high school entrance.

Accolades to Rob for making this possible.

(Note - Dick Bly IHS 1967 was chairperson of the Alumni JamFest 2003. The raffle and a donation booth set at the mall during Ilion Days, held in 2003, helped fund erecting the original memorial. The memorial monument was erected in the school's new courtyard in 2003.)

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