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The Evolution of the Ilion High Cafeteria

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provided by Mary Richards Hoy 1971

Early-1960s Lunchtime Feeding Frenzy
Pete Donahue

Once upon a time, students at Ilion High School were offered a limited lunch menu. This usually consisted of a main entree, such as 'A Big Daddy Yum Yum', 'A Golden Bomber Sandwich' (spam and cheese), or 'Snow Cap Pie', whole milk, and dessert. For an extra 6 cents, students could purchase vanilla or chocolate ice cream which was then consumed with a wooden spoon. If a student was really, really hungry, they could get 'doubles' provided they had signed up for 'doubles' during morning homeroom. To top off the meal, students received dining utensils, including KNIVES, to consume their lunchtime meals.

1966 Cafeteria Staff
front row: Maneen, Mrs. Vivyan, Mrs. Hopkins, Mrs. Sorenson, Mrs. Barnum
back row: Janis, Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Francher, Mrs. Parshall, Kelly

By the 1970s, students were demanding change. They were tired of just being served plain old white milk. Some students even campaigned for Student Council on a platform that promised the introduction of chocolate milk to the school lunch menu. They would have to wait many years for this luxury item.

1974 Cafeteria Student Staff
Robinson, Bouck, Wellar, Hughes, Evans, Delong, Bluett, Lennon, Duffy

In the meantime, students had to amuse themselves by spontaneously joining in applause whenever a fellow student dropped his/her tray in in the cafeteria. Teachers ate their meals on the cafeteria stage and kept a watchful eye on the students throughout lunch.


'Annual Spaghetti Supper'

Mr. Fusco and Mr. DeLuca don the chef aprons for the Annual February Spaghetti Supper

During the 1970s the tradition of hosting the 'Annual Spaghetti Supper' was born. The Class of 1974 held the first supper as a fundraiser when they were sophomores. Today, the event is hosted by Student Council. Over the years, the Staff and Administration have pitched in to help students prepare and host this fund raiser. The dinner is held in February and usually coincides with a basketball game.


Times have certainly changed, for today's school lunch menu reflects choices that older alumni could only dream about. Every menu contains multiple entrees plus multiple dessert choices. Sample main entrees include 'pizza with cheese', sausage and pepper sandwiches, tuna subs, and large salads. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are available every day. Up on the stage, students can buy various prepackaged snacks, such as chips, cookies and cupcakes. You can buy rolls, but alas without BUTTER! Beverage choices include whole milk, 1% CHOCOLATE MILK, skim milk and 2% milk. Dessert samples include a variety of ice cream snacks, chocolate chip cookies, fruit, apple crisp and CAKE, of course! And students in the dog house can enjoy all this and satisfy their detention obligation at the LUNCH ROOM DETENTION TABLE!



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