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Benedict (Bennie) X. DiPiazza

Parole Conditions


Noreen Jones
Noreen Jones Attended IHS 1961 - 1962
DiPiazza murder victim


Special conditions for the release of Benedict (Bennie) X. DiPiazza, on parole include:

  • I will abstain from the use of all alchoholic beverages, nor will I frequent any establishment whose sole purpose is the dispensation of alcoholic beverages.

  • I will not be in Herkimer County without the knowledge and consent of my parole officer.

  • I will not apply for, nor possess a driver's license without the knowledge and permission of my parole officer. Should I be given permission to apply for and receive a driver's license, I will keep a driving log specifying destinations, dates, times, places and mileage.

  • I will abide by a curfew of 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. I understand that during my curfew hours I am to be in my approved residence only.

  • I will participate and fully cooperate with any therapy or counseling as directed by the state Board of Parole and/or my parole officer.

  • I shall not have contact with the family of victim Noreen Jones. This means that I shall not attempt to meet in person, communicate by letter, telephone, or through a third party without the knowledge and permission of my parole officer.
  • I shall notify my parole officer when I establish a relationship and then shall inform the other party of my prior criminal history. I understand that I must notify my parole officer of that significant other's address, age and where they may be contacted.

  • I will enter, complete and fully participate in the career central job search assistance program which is designed to help me seek, obtain and maintain employment. I understand that I must keep all appointments and conduct myself appropriately. I understand that failure to participate or a negative discharge from this program may constitute a violation of my parole.

  • I will not own or possess a beeper or scanner.

  • I will submit applications for employment at three sites daily and provide a list of places where applications have been submitted to my parole officer as directed. Failure to submit this list will constitute a violation of this condition and the Board impolsed condition is seek, obtain and maintain employment.

  • I will submit to electric monitoring. I will have no block on phone.

Bennedict X. DiPiazza's - New York State Department of Correctional Services
Online Parole Status

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