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Dedication of New Hospital 1965

     Herkimer Evening Telegram - July 25, 1965 - Ilion Hospital Dedication Set. - added April 25, 2022


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A Brief History of the Ilion Hospital

Ilion, New York


June 13, 1908 - The cornerstone was laid in the hospital building. Dr. Jennie Richardson (Ilion High School Alumnus Class of 1878) convinced an unnamed donor to contribute twenty-five thousand dollars for the construction and founding of the hospital.

Original Ilion Hospital

The funding amount was later raised to forty-five thousand dollars. The new hospital contained two floors, six beds in each ward and a maternity ward.


1908 - Dr. Richardson led a new organization , - The Ilion Hospital Women's Association Board. Eight women served on the board. The group's focus was taking care of medical supplies and linens. Dr. Richardson remained active on the Board, as President, until 1947.


June 19, 1909 - The building was christianed the Henry Harper Benedict Hospital at the dedication ceremony. The new hospital name identified the donor as typewriter tycoon - Henry Harper Benedict. Mr. Benedict objected to the name and the structure was renamed The Ilion Hospital.


First Hospital Superintendent - Ruth Yale served as the Superintendent until 1943. When Miss Yale began her tenure, she was paid $60 monthly.


1944 - A new twenty-six-bed wing was added, costing $134,324. Hospital equipment, valued at $30,000, was also upgraded.


Ilion Hospital Nurse

1952 - Ownership of the hospital was transferred to the Towns of German Flatts and Frankfort.


1961 - Miss Eleanor Brennan (Ilion High School Alumnus Class of 1924) helped organize the Ilion Hospital Guild. The Guild members, identifiable by their pink smocks, operated the snack bar, visitors' desk and volunteer services.


1962 - Another new building addition was completed.


1964 - Dr. Arthur W. Albanese of Frankfort, the last of the original physicians to serve in the original building, bequeathed $80,000 for the hospital's progress.


First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan


Ilion Hospital Operating Room
My dad, Dr. Theodore Carney, administering anasthesia.

1971 - 1972 - The Mohawk Valley Nursing Home was constructed adjacent to the hospital building. The Nursing Home shared services with the hospital, but was under separate management by the not-for-profit membership operation.


1991 - After three years of million dollar deficits, the townships selected the Utica-based, St. Luke's Hospital proposal to operate Mohawk Valley General Hospital for two years.


October 27, 1991 - The name of the facility was changed to St. Luke's Memorial Hospital - Mohawk Valley.


Present - The acute care hospital services were discontinued and the facility was sold to St. Luke's Memorial Hospital and now serves as medical/dental offices.


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