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Local News Archive - 1999 Part III


Marconi Information Systems Jobs in Rome

British Aerospace (BAe) and Marconi Electronic Systems have job openings listed on Monster Board for the Utica area. (December 23, 1999)


Fleet to add 400 jobs

Fleet will be hiring up to 400 people for their operations and call center. The county has offered Fleet tax incentives for its property, and they have also offered assistance with job training. People who want to apply for jobs with Fleet can send their resume to fleet@isearch.com or fax it to 800-315-3665. (December 15, 1999)


Village Trustee Resigns

Trustee Mark Cushman resigned from his post on the Village Board so that he could apply for the open position of village administrator. Cushman, a Republican, was serving his second term as village trustee. Mayor Haggerty will appoint an interim trustee at the next village board meeting. An election will take place in June. (December 10, 1999)


Junior Chapter of Ilion Little Theater Club

The Ilion Little Theater Club gave member Dan Hoage the approval to form a Junior Chapter of the Ilion Little Theater Club. The parent company's constitution precludes yourth from becoming members. The aim of the new theater group is to nurture children's interest in community theater. The Junior Chapter is open to youth from sixth to 12th grade. The group will hold meeings and rehearsals. They hope to do a Summer play every year, as well as a number of one-act plays. No one will be cut from the junior chapter's cast. (December 10, 1999)


Village of Ilion Wall of Fame Inductions - 1999

On Friday, November 26, 1999, the Ilion High School Boys Basketball Team of 1963 and the Ilion High School 1990 Football Team were inducted into the Ilion Wall of Fame. For more on the story click here.


Village Looking to Fill Village Administrator Post

Trustees have started accepting resumes to bring a village administrator back to Ilion. The last administrator, Marilyn Slaughter, retired more than a year ago. Mayor Charles Haggerty said that the village board opted not to fill the position when Mrs. Slaughter retired. However, since the Village Board is a part-time position, the villiage needs an administrator type position. The mayor served as Ilion's administrator from 1980 to 1985. The board is seeking candidates for the position who are "quick on their feet, have executive and managerial experience, and posses good community relations skills." They hope to fill the position by February 2000. (December 1, 1999)


Harold Whittemore Honored at Folts Home

Mr. Harold Whittemore, a resident of Folts Home, was honored November 18, 1999 at the Herkimer Folts Homes. More than 70 residents and community members attended the program titled "This Is Your Life Harold Whittemore." Harold Whittemore graduated from Ilion High School in 1934. He was employed in the newspaper business for 46 years, working as a reporter and editor for the Observer-Dispatch and publisher of the Ilion Sentinel. He also worked in public relations and radio during World War II. Speakers at the ceremony lauded his integrity, community service and the personal interest he took in the many people he met during his lifetime. Speakers included David Trautlein, retired HCCC dean,Ruth Turnbull, former Faxton Foundation director, John Bullis, HCCC assistant to the president, David Dudajek, CEO Observer Dispath columnist, Ron Williams, Herkimer County Community College president, David Armstrong, Little Falls Hospital administrator, Wayne Allen, Folts Homes president and chief executive Officer, Keith Fenstemacher, Mohawk Valley Network President and Jeff Whittemore, Harold's son. (Updated December 1, 1999)


Village Okays Municipal Gas Utility Creation

The referendum to create a Village of Ilion Municipal Gas Utility passed 484-57. The village currently runs its own municipal electric service, at rates lower than that of Niagara Mohawk, which serves Central New York. Power Alternatives, Inc., an East Setauket-based firm, predicted that residents could shave 12 - 14 percent from their annual natural gas bills. Infrastructure and personnel would remain with Niagara Mohawk. Niagara Mohawk provides residential gas service to more than 2000 users in the village. Approximately 130 commercial users are also in the village and are eligible for the switch. The village still has to complete preliminary steps before residents are able to switch their service. It is expected to take between 30 and 45 days to switch over to the Village of Ilion Municipal Gas Utility. (November 17, 1999)


The Little Falls Evening Times is On-Line!...

Established in 1886, The Evening Times is the oldest daily newspaper in Herkimer County. Published daily except Sundays and federal holidays, The Evening Times serves the communities of Little Falls, Dolgeville, St. Johnsville, Oppenheim, Fairfield, Middleville, Salisbury and surrounding townships. The Little Falls Evening Times - check it out for more on Little Falls, Dolgeville, St. Johnsville, Oppenheim, Fairfield, Middleville, Salisbury and surrounding townships news fronts! (November 16, 1999)


Ilion Library Challenge Grant - Year 2...

The Ilion Free Public library has been awarded a grant. Find out how you can help the Board of Trustees meet the challenge grant from theCommunity Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties, Inc.. The Library has been a great source for much of the material that is published on this alumni web site. (November 10, 1999)


GenWeb site features Ilion!

Judy Breedlove, assistant coordinator for the Herkimer & Montgomery Counties GenWeb Site and Paul McLaughlin IHS '41 have created a subsection for Ilion on the GenWeb site. It appears under the Town of German Flatts. The new Ilion site is at www.herkimer.nygenweb.net/ilion.html.

The organization they use is to divide each county into its towns. ...under each town heading is information concerning the towns, villages, cities, etc. that are in that particular segment. Creating a subsection for Ilion alone is a first and may be a first for the entire GenWeb. ...They would very much welcome any genealogy or history-related articles/information that you would like to contribute. They would also appreciate it if you would pass the word along about wanting articles/information for the new subsection. Contributors do not have to type or code their items; they can simply copy and mail them to the team. They'll take it from there."

"If you have family history or historical material you'd like to post on the Herkimer-Montgomery GenWeb site, just let us know. We'll be happy to accept your contributions. We are going to be putting on the automatic entry boards for obituaries, biographical sketches and Bible records. You may have material you want to post there." (November 10, 1999)


Village of Ilion Grows by 15 Parcels....

Fifteen parcels have now been added to the village, these include lots around Clark Place, West Montgomery Street and Harrison Avenue. By a 17 to 14 vote, held in August 1999, residents of the area opted to join Ilion. In February 1994, the subject area, which is served by the Ilion Water Commission, was cited by the state Department of Health for substandard water lines. Who was responsible for installing new lines, the town of Frankfort or the Ilion water system, became the subject of a long battle. The residents petitioned to join Ilion and this week the new map of Ilion was presented to Village Trustees. (October 30, 1999)


The Evening Telegram is On-Line!...

Herkimer County's local news source since 1898 has a web site that features local news, sports, obituaries, classifieds, and much more. You'll want to bookmark this site whether you still live in the area or if you've moved away. The Evening Telegram - check it out for more on Herkimer, Ilion, Mohawk, Frankfort, Schyler and Kuyahoora news fronts! (October 17, 1999)


Native Dentist Retires....

Dr. Raymond Russell IHS '42 will be feted at a retirement party, at the Ilion Knights of Columbus, at 4 pm, October 10, 1999. Tickets for the party are available at the Knights of Columbus. Those wishing to attend can call 895-7611, after 3 pm, to purchase tickets.

Dr. Russell has practiced dentistry, in Ilion, for over 52 years. He is the son of a dentist and started his practice, with his father, in 1947. He practiced with his father for six or seven years. Dr. Russell graduated from Columbia University of Dentistry and Oral Surgery. He served with the Air Force, during the Korean War, and was discharged as a captain. In 1993, he was honored by the Oneida-Herkimer Dental Society for his outstanding service to dentistry and the community. He is also a former member of the Ilion Kiwanis, Elks Lodge, Little Theater Club, and the Ilion Planning Board. (October 7, 1999)


Oneida Airlines Plans

Officials with Oneida Airlines say that in less than a year, people willbe able to fly out of Oneida County Airport, with full size Boeing 737 aircraft, to many smalland medium-sized cities through out the United States andCanada. The company would like to hire almost 400 people to work in their corporate and reservations office in Utica. (October 5, 1999)


Village explores Municipal Gas Utility Creation

On November 16, 1999 residents will have the chance to vote on a referendum to create a Village of Ilion Municipal Gas Utility. The village currently runs its own municipal electric service, at rates lower than that of Niagara Mohawk, which serves Central New York. Power Alternatives, Inc., an East Setauket-based firm, predicted that residents could shave 12 - 14 percent from their annual natural gas bills. Infrastructure and personnel would remain with Niagara Mohawk. (October 5, 1999)


Intrex Jobs Somewhere in the Mohawk Valley... NOT!

Richard Bach, chairman and chief executive officer of TFCN - The Financial Commerce Network (TFCN), announced Thursday that the compnay decided to conduct business in Manhatten instead of the Mohawk Vally. Bach cited troubles with Utica city government for the change in plans. A subsidiary of TFCN, Alexander Westcott, Inc., was located on the sixth floor of the Harza Northeast building on Genesee Street. Harza began foreclosure proceedings to remove the company from the building. Harza and Alexander Westcott entered a five-year lease agreement in January of 1998. The first year of the lease was rent free, including free utilites. In the second year of the lease, Westcott was to pay Harza up to $120,000. According to Paul Fick, Harza Northeast President, Westcott has not "...paid a penny for rent or utilites." Bach contends that the city of Utica did not follow through on promises to provide funding for employee training and did not agree to sell a lot across the street for employee parking. Mayor Edward Hanna countered that Bach is lying and that all Mayor Hanna did was ask Harza to give TFCN a free year's rent. Mayor Hanna claims that Bach "... hoodwinked me with all his lies." (October 1, 1999)


Utica Corp. Looking for Employees

Utica Corp., an aerospace firm located in Whitestown, is conducting its own job fairs to fill eight positions. Salaries depend on experience, but range from the low to mid $30,000s to the upper $40,000 and $50,000. Positions include quality and systems engineers, floor supervisors and a supervisor of manufacturing. Utica Corp. manufactures jet engine and power generation components and employs about 300 people. Interested applicants may call Human Resource Director William Farley at 316-768-8713. Resumes can be faxed to 315-768-8704 or emailed to bfarley@uticacorp.com. (October 1, 1999)


1965 Classmate appointed Ilion's New Principal....

Joseph Collea '65 will begin his appointment, as Principal of Ilion Junior-Senior High School, on November 1, 1999. He will be filling the position vacated by the retirement of George DeLuco. Mr. Collea began his teaching career in the Ilion District, 30 years ago, as a Junior-High, Social Studies teacher. He taught in the District for 15 years and later served as Vice-Principal, until 1993. He was principal at Middle-High School, principal of Mohoseon High School, near Schenectady, and most recently, principal of 330 students at Oxford Academy and High School.

The new principal was chosen from 15 applicants. Each applicant was screened by the superintendent and finalists were interviewed by the department chairmen, site-based team, the superintendent and the Board of Education. Mr. Gary Tutty, Superintendent said the Joe Collea was chosen based on his skills as " ...a leader and manager."

Joe Collea also was mayor of Ilion, from 1987 to 1993, and still maintains a home in Ilion, as well as a home in Afton.

Commenting on his appointment, Mr. Collea said, "Since the 1950s, I've known Ilion principals and its kind of nice being part of that line. I'm big on tradition and history. Ilion has always been a school where tradition is important." (September 25, 1999)


Intrex Jobs Somewhere in the Mohawk Valley!

An internet-related financial services company, TFCN - The Financial Commerce Network (TFCN), previously announced plans to open an e-commerce call center, in Utica, and employ up to 300 people in hi-tech jobs. However, on September 13, 1999, Intrex spokesman Dennis Admao said the company is leaving Utica, but intends to expand the business elsewhere in the Mohawk Valley. The brokerage firm Alexander, Westcott Co. Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Intrex, currently occupies space in the Harza Building on Genesee Street. Harza Northeast, owner of the building, has started proceedings to have Alexander, Westcott removed from the building. Intrex is still planning to build a financial service business in the Mohawk Valley. (September 15, 1999)


Noreen Jones Killer Released....

Bennie DiPiazza, who murdered former classmate Noreen Jones in 1964, has been released on parole. One of the conditions of his release was that he secure employment or prospects for employment. According to Tom Grant, spokesman of the state Division of Parole in Albany, Dipiazza has done that. The conditions for his release were approved recently and provide a strict outline for his behavior. (modified September 6, 1999)


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