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Local News Archive - 2000 Part II


District Building Project Approved

The New York State Education Department has approved the Ilion Central School District's $32 million buidling project. James Jordan of James Jordan Associates is the architects for the projects. Bids will be advertised in early December with bid openings planned for Jan. 9. The majority of the work is scheduled to begin in April 2001. All construction is expected to be completed by December 2002. Additions and renovations are planned for all three school buildings. (December 16, 2000)


Village 'Wall of Fame' ...

The village of Ilion's 'Wall of Fame' induction ceremony and plaque unveiling, honoring the Ilion High School Varsity Football team of 1935, will be held November 24, 2000 at 7:30 in the Ilion Municipal Building Auditorium. The 1935 Golden Bombers finished the season with a 9-0 record and outscored opponents 202-20. Team members included: Arthur Barnum, Kenneth Bleau, James Bowers, Sam Bubb, Frank Campbell, Jack Caswell, Richard Daily, James Foreman, Ted Leonard, Robert Long, John Mackin, Joseph Manion, John Morris and Konstantine 'Gus' Panarites. The team was coached by Joseph Bemis. The public is invited and refreshments will be serverd. (November 18, 2000)


Ilion Museum Committee Seeks Ideas...

The first meeting to explore ways of exhibiting the village of Ilion's past history was held February 17, 2000. A committee, composed of a dozen people, was formed to work on a project that may eventually result in an Ilion-based museum. Former Ilion High School teacher, Vito Tisci, was elected the group's first chairman at the meeting. The group is also looking to get input from others on ideas for attractions and locales. Among ideas shared were a reconstructed blacksmith shop and boats or buses to shuttle visitors around the village. The final outcome from their efforts isn't expected for about two years. The committee is brand new and actively seeking interested volunteers to help get this exciting idea up and running. Call Vito Tisci at 315-894-9697 or the Village office at 315-895-7449 to learnmore about the committee and how to volunteer. Local folks who already are involved: Vito Tisci, Bob Steele, Jim Snedeker, Jeff Stephenson, Norm & Sue Winne, Pat O'Brien, Fran Cunningham, Bill Teal,Jim Parker, Bill Coffin, Mike McCormack, Louise Crossett,and Grace Osborne plus a few informal consultant citizens also!! Stephen Christopher Getman, '92, writes "...we hope this process involves people from many generations. It is our hope that ... people might be able to provide their thoughts about this project. Whether it is an interesting artifact, or a thoughtful suggestion. We would like to be able hear from as many people as we can." Email your ideas to Ilion Museum Exploratory Committee c/o (Stephen Christopher Getman, '92) or to Mr. Tisci.. (November 14, 2000)


Village Elections - RESULTS June 6....

The Village of Ilion Election was held Tuesday, June 6. The Incumbant Democratic candidate, Norma Smith was re-elected with 743 votes. New-comers, Democratic candidates Nick Pannes and Tom Bechard were also elected. Tom Bechard ran for the 2 year trustee position and defeated Republican candidate, Glenn Kasarda by 781 votes to 345 votes. Nick Pannes was the high vote-getter with a total of 881 votes. Republican candidates for the four year trustee positions were incumbant John Wright - 365 votes and Charles 'Chuck' Lester - 306 votes. Republican incumbant village justice, Mr. Don Pearson ran unopposed and received 753 votes. Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to all the candidates for offering to serve their community. Polls were open from noon until 9 pm, at five locations: Municipal Building, Forge Hill Esates carriage house, the Herkimer County Marine Corps League building on Second Street, London Towers and Prindle Apartments. (June 6, 2000)


Commissioners Oppose Village Board Plan/Study ....

Members of the Board of Electric Commissioners and Board of Water Commissioners published, in a letter to the editor of The Evening Telegram, their fierce opposition to a Village Board study/plan to abolish the two semiindependent commissions. Commission members were informed by Village Administrator, Mark Cushman, that the probable purpose of the study is to disband the commissions and replace them with one utility department, made up of three elected officials and one private citizen representing each utility; water and electric. Cushman said that these kinds of studies are essential to growth in the village. Ilion's Village Charter dictates that the village must have the two commissions to oversee the water and electric districts. Commissioners are appointed by the village board and serve five-year terms as volunteers; no salary is provided for the appointment. Cushman said he would like to see both commissions accountable to the public like elected officials are held accountable. A public referendum could change the Village Charter to eliminate the current commissions. One objection to the study, raised by current commission members, is that the abolition of the boards would eliminate the current non-political operation of the utilities. Commission members urged all registeredvoters to make their voices heard on June 6 and challenged each village election candidate to state his or her position on this issue. The letter was signed unanimously by all of the Commission members - Electric Commission: Vito Tisci, Robert Rathbun, Maureen Champoux, Albert Pestar, Ernest Savage and Water Commission: A. Frank Dolan, Robert Steele, Dr. Arthur Applegate, James Smith and Mitchell Pezdek. (May 30, 2000)


Ilion Democrats Held Rally! ....

Four former Ilion Mayors, Jack Manley, John Morris, Jim Garnsey and Joe Collea hosted a rally at the Ilion Elks Club on Friday, June 2, 2000 at 6 pm. Featured guests included the Democratic Party candidates for Village Trustee positions: Norma Smith; incumbent Trustee, Tom Bechard and Nick Pannes. The present board established four year trustee terms which means, that for the first time in village history, no annual village election will be held next year. (modified June 5, 2000)


Lou's Dari Creme Changes Hands

For 45 years, Bombers have enjoyed traveling East to consume soft ice-cream cones at Lou's Dairy Isle. This year, Lou Paternoster retired and handed over the reins to his son, James. So have no fear, you can still get a cone at Lou's Dairy Isle. Best of luck to Lou on his retirement! (May 4, 2000)


Observer Dispatch Home Page of the Week! ....

It's Official. Thanks to alumni for nominating this site as their favorite local, non-commercial, homepage. This is the first site selected for The Observer Dispatch HomePage of the Week! (April 18, 2000)


Village Election - Democratic Candidates

The village of Ilion Democratic Committee selected candidates for the June 6th village elections. The Democratic candidates were selected this week. Mr. Nicholas Pannes, who recently retired as Ilion School District Athletic Director, is seeking a four-year trustee position. Ms. Norma Smith, is the Democratic incumbant running for a four-year trustee position. Mr. Thomas Bechard '72 will run as the Democratic candidate for two year term vacated by Republican Mark Cushman, the current Village Administrator. On the Republican side, Glen Kasarda opposes Tom Bechard for the two-year term. Charles 'Chuck' Lester '74 and incumbant John Wright are seeking the four-year term trusteeships. John Wright was elected to the board, in 1998, when he ran on the Democratic Ticket. The Democratic Party did not select a candidate for village justice but endorsed Donald Pearson's candidacy. The Republican candidate for village justice is incumbant Mr. Donald Pearson '49. (April 18, 2000)


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