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School District News 1997 - 2013


Ilion-Mohawk School Board Election

The New York State Education Commissioner Dr. John King Jr. issued an order scheduling the new Ilion-Mohawk Central School Districtís first board of education election. The newly merged district will begin on July 1, 2013.

The vote will take place noon to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Mar. 27, at the Ilion Junior-Senior High School.

Residents will elect seven members to the new board. Those candidates receiving the greatest number of votes will serve the longest terms. Three board members will serve for three-year terms expiring June 30, 2016; two members will serve for two-year terms expiring June 30, 2015; and two members will serve one-year terms expiring June 30, 2014.

The first Board of Education election for the new Ilion-Mohawk Central School District will have 21 candidates running for the seven seats on the board. The deadline to file petitions to run for the board ended at 5 p.m. on Monday, March 11. Later Monday evening, the candidates were invited to Ilion for a random drawing for positions on the ballot. Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES District Superintendent Mark Vivacqua oversaw the drawing.

(Spring 2013)

Profiles of Candidates are available in this pdf file.

The ballot order was determined as the following:

Jeffrey Sperl of 59 Walnut St. in Mohawk.

William Lennox IHS 1964 of 133 Hidden Pond Road in Ilion.

M. Bridget McKinley IHS 1979 of 187 Elm St. in Ilion.

James Vitale of 375 W. Main St. in Ilion.

Matthew Shedd of 10 Sunset Ave. in Ilion.

Jennifer Pedersen of 141 E. North St. in Ilion.

Lori Sementilli, of 47 Columbia St. in Mohawk.

Stephen Coupe IHS 1984 of 25 Forge Hill Drive in Ilion.

Fred Schell of 288 Mason Road in Mohawk.

Daniel LaLonde IHS 1975 of 73 Charles St. in Ilion.

Melissa Reed of 602 Spinnerville Gulf Road in Ilion.

Deborah Schoff IHS 1985 of 151 Brook St. in Ilion.

Walt Roginski of 499 Shoemaker Road in Mohawk.

Hans Hendrick of 452 Eberline Road in Mohawk.

Robert Berger, of 254 E. Clark St. in Ilion.

Vicki Judd IHS 1988 of 194 Ferncliff Road in Mohawk.

Orlo Burch of 44 Highland Ave. in Ilion.

Bonnie Coffin IHS 1984 of 71 S. Fifth Ave. in Ilion.

Thomas Goldin IHS 1971 of 27 Harriet Ave. in Ilion.

Robert Bronner of 2993 State Route 168 in Mohawk.

Edward Jackson IHS 1987 of 118 Brand St. in Ilion.

Cadidates who have previously submitted information to this website are Ilion Alumni:
Bill Lennox 1964, Dan LaLonde 1975, Steve Coupe 1984, and Vicki Coffin Judd 1988. (March 26, 2013)


Superintendent Hired

The Ilion Board of Education announced the selection of Mr. Cosimo Tangorra, Jr. as superintendent of schools. "Mr. Tangorra will be formally appointed at the April 7, 2008 regular board of education meeting, pending approval of contract negotiations. Mr. Tangorra will replace Mr. Robert Service who has served the district for the past four years. Mr. Tangorra is currently the Superintendent of Schools at the Trumansburg Central School District where he has served for the past four years. Previously he served as Superintendent of the Oppenheim-Ephratah Central School. Mr. Tangorra has been a K-12 principal, special education teacher and worked for the Department of Social Services during his career. He received his CAS from SUNY Cortland, MA from the College of St. Rose and BA from Siena College. He also received an AA from Herkimer County Community College. The new superintendent will begin his duties on August 1, 2008." Source - The Ilion Central School District web site. (Mar 12, 2008)


Superintendent Retiring

The Ilion Central School Board of Education accepted Ilion's current Superintendent's, plan to retire effective August 1, 2008. Ilion native, Robert Service, has served as the District's Superintendent for the last four years. (Oct 26, 2007)


Former Superintendent's Ilion Christmas Memories

Former Ilion School District Superintendent and Ilion native, Gary Tutty, published memories of Christmas in Ilion on the Putnam Valley Central School District website. In the same article, he announced his upcoming retirement. (February 2, 2007)


Ilion Native Appointed Superintendent

Former Mohawk Superintendent Robert Service IHS 1969 was appointed by the Ilion school board to become the new superintendent in Ilion. Service, age 52, had served as Mohawk's superintendent for 14 years before leaving in 2002 to take a similar post with the Lansing school district in Tompkins County. A graduate of Ilion High School, Service has agreed to a three-year contract that includes a salary of $112,000 and he is expected to begin his duties after Jan. 1. Nick Fazio, a former superintendent in Richfield Springs, guided the district as interim superintendent since the resignation of Gary Tutty. (January 24, 2004)


Superintendent Leaving

Ilion School District Superintendent Gary Tutty has been offered and accepted a position as Superintendent of the Putnam Valley School District. The Putnam Valley School District, located in Putnam County, is situated about 35 miles north of New York City. Tutty, whose salary at Ilion is $97,000 a year, will assume a position with a $160,000 a year salary. The Putnam Valley District, serves roughly 1,800 students and is about the same size as the Ilion District. Mr. Tutty has been Ilion's superintendent for six years. An Ilion native, Mr. Tutty also has been an administrator in the Whitesboro and Frankfort-Schuyler school districts. A search for his replacement is expected to begin soon. Best Wishes to Gary Tutty. He will be missed by many. (April 3, 2003)


Commemorative Brick Paver Fundraising Project

In conjunction with the Ilion Central School District Building Project, the Ilion Central School District Foundation has developed plans for a beautification project at the entrance of the new gymnasium and community fitness center. This project entails the placement of engraved brick pavers. The school bell and flagpole will also be located in this area, as well as several benches and attractive landscaping. The Foundation is selling engraved bricks, for this new walkway and rest area, at a cost of $35 per paver. The important aspect of this fundraising campaign is that it will allow community members and alumni the opportunity to contribute to a visible part of this project. With an engraved paver, you can pay tribute to a family member, leave a message for future generations, or simply include your name among those that have supported our school district. A brick paver can make a great gift as well! A limited number of brick pavers are available and will be sold on a 'first come, first serve' basis. The Ilion Central School District Foundation reserves the right to approve or disapprove the message content sumbitted on all brick orders. (* religious script or tasteless script will not be accepted). See the links below for the order form and more information. (April 19, 2002)


Mr. Zito to Retire

Mr. Salvator 'Sam' Zito, principal of Barringer Road Elementary School will retire in August 2001. Mr. Zito will remain with the district, on a per-diem basis, while the Ilion Board of Education searches for his replacement. Mr. Zito started with the district over 30 years ago as a teacher. (July 18, 2001)


Teacher Recruitment Day - April 7, 2001

A Teacher Recruitment Day will be hosted on Saturday, April 7 at SUNY Institute of Technology. The event is sponsored by 29 Area School Districts (including Ilion Central School Distric) and 3 BOCES Districts. Candidates may interview for current or future teaching vacancies. Teachers and May graduates are welcome! (March 21, 2001)


Faculty Position Openings

The Ilion Central School District has the following, full time, tenure teacher position openings commencing late January 2001

  • Elementary Teacher
  • Vocal Music 7-12
  • Technology Teacher
  • Special Education 7-12
  • There is also an opening for Long term (one semester) elementary Special Education Teacher

    Candidates should send a letter of interest and resume to Mr. Gary Tutty, Superintendent of Schools, Ilion Central School District, PO Box 480, Ilion, NY 13357 (December 16, 2000)


    District Building Project Approved

    The New York State Education Department has approved the Ilion Central School District's $32 million buidling project. James Jordan of James Jordan Associates is the architects for the projects. Bids will be advertised in early December with bid openings planned for Jan. 9. The majority of the work is scheduled to begin in April 2001. All construction is expected to be completed by December 2002. Additions and renovations are planned for all three school buildings. (modified April 19, 2002)


    School Board News

    The district budget passed on May 16th. Thomas Goldin, Class of 1971, was elected to serve on the School Board.

    The district's budget plan projected an 11 percent spending increase for fiscal year 2000-01. A portion of the increase, 7.52 percent, is attributed to the school's state-aided building project. That amount will be offset 100 percent by state aid and interest earnings. The increase in spending, after deducting the expenses for the building project, is 3.16 percent. Total budgeted spending for 2000-2001 is $16,419,813. This represents a 10.68 percent increase from total budgeted spending in 1999-2000, which is $14,835,360.

    Public school enrollment in 2000-2001 is expected to be 1,898, the same as the current year.

    School board member Phyllis Brien, after serving the district for more than 20 years, has decided not to seek re-election for a five-year term seat. The following candidates filed petitions to run in the election: Thomas Goldin of 27 Harriet Ave., Tammy Mosher of 213 E. North St., Robert Michaud of 207 East Clark St., and Deanna Stubley of 36 Highland Ave. (modified May 19, 2000)


    School Building Projects in Jeopardy...

    Governor Pataki's budget proposal has thrown a monkey wrench into many local school district's building plans. The budget proposal contains a plan that redirects project bond interest earnings, from reinvestment by school districts directly, to contractors working on the projects. The net effect is that a large amount of revenue, which districts had planned to earn and help offset the project costs, has been eliminated. Under current state education law, schools are issued serial bonds and do not have to pay contractors until the close of the project. School districts have been able to reinvest interest earnings, on the bonds, and this helped offset project costs. The budget proposal requires that contractors be paid during the course of the project by using the interest from the serial bonds. The negative effect of this proposal is widespread among smaller upstate school districts. The Ilion Central School District would lose $180,000 a year on their $32 million project. An estimated $2.7 million would need to be raised to close the gap created by not being able to reinvest the bond interest. Superindentent Gary Tutty said, "If the governor's proposal goes through, I don't see how we can have the project." The Herkimer School District is also negatively impacted by the prososal. Local school officials are planning to talk to state Sen. James Seward to raise support for their situations. (February 28, 2000)


    Notice ....

    The Ilion Central School District is no longer accepting students from outside the district limits. The district has experienced an ever increasing number of outside residents who want their children to attend Ilion schools. The district has worked hard to lower class size in order to help students meet the new State Standards. Therefore, until further notice, the district will no longer accept applications from outside the district. Exceptions to the new policy include out-of-district students who are already enrolled in the system and a student whose families move during his or her senior year. (November 1, 1999)


    Ilion expands preschool program ....

    Starting October 12, 1999, the Ilion School district will double the size of its preschool program. An additional preschool class in the morning and afternoon, for 26 to 29 children, is possible due to an $80,000 state grant. The funding will cover the cost of classroom set-up and the salaries of two new teachers. In order to be eligible for the program, children must be 5 years old by December 1, 2000. Interested parents may call 315-894-6568 for more information. (October 1, 1999)


    District Building Project Information

    Let the Building Begin! School Budget and Building Proposal passed with overwhelming majority! 527 - 102
    Ilion will break ground on the project in the Spring of 2000 and it will be nearly complete 18 months later. (Updated May 18, 1999)



    School Board Appoints New Business Manager....

    Kenneth Long, of Ilion, has been appointed as business manager to replace Thomas Dorr. Mr. Long is a Herkimer County Legislator, and has been a senior accountant at Utica National Insurance Group since 1987. He begins his 6-month probationary period in January. He has a bachelor's degree in business administration from Utica College and an associate in applied sciences degree from Herkimer County Community College. He is a member of the Ilion Civic Band, president of the Ilion Community Club and active as a parent and referee in American Youth Soccer Organization. He lives on Barringer Road with his wife, Nancy (Thompson) Long 1975, and their two daughters. (updated December 30, 1998)


    Ilion Central School District Web Site Revamped

    The Ilion Central School District web site has been recently redesigned. High School Faculty member, Mr. Tom Petty, launched the site with student members of his 2nd period Internet Class. The District section of the web site contains information on the district budget, demographics, and Administration Contact information (such as, email addresses and phone numbers). (November 13, 1998)

    district web site


    Ilion Considers Building Project

    In response to changes in education, including universal pre-kindergarten and higher standards for math, science and technology, the Ilion School Distric is considering "an ambitious building project." A districtwide Building Committee has been formed and presented a potential plan to the Board of Education. A presentation was made to the Board of Education on December 9. The district is looking at upgrading the media centers of the two elementary schools and the junior-senior high school. Another project being considered is adding 8 to 10 classrooms at the high school, and upgrading its math, science and technology rooms. The public could vote on the project either March 30 or May 18. Mr. Tutty, the District Superintendent, will speak to community groups in coming months, about this project. Ilion's school district serves 1,930 students in three buildings and has the largest enrollment for any Herkimer County district. (updated December 12, 1998)


    Children's Health Proram....

    News Release - June, 1998 The Ilion Central School District in conjuction with Little Falls Hospital, and Valley doctors, have developed a health care program titled Collaborative Healthcare. (June 18, 1998)



    New Board of Education Member...

    Congratulations to Allen Edick, who was elected to the Board of Education on May 6, 1998. Mr. Edick will serve a five-year term, in the seat formerly held by Warren Lennox. Mr. Lennox, the most current Board of Education President, did not seek re-election. Mr. Lennox served on the Board of Education, in the Ilion School District, for many, many years. (May 28, 1998)



    District History - Administrators

    The Administrators of our School District and High School, have performed extremely well throughout the years, resulting in a great school system. We have experienced the talents of many fine citizens. Read about them here:

    Board of Education members


    Barringer Road Elementary Choir to be Featured in National Telecast

    "The World's Largest Concert" is a program sponsored each year, by Music Educators National Conference (MENC). News Channel 2, taped the performance of the 73 students, in the 5th and 6th grade choir, for submission to the MENC. The choir was directed by Edward Reisert. The video was accepted by MENC, for inclusion in a PBS concert! (March 10, 1998)


    New Superintendent....

    June 5, 1997 In a unanimous vote, the Ilion Board of Education chose Gary Tutty, of Ilion, for the position of Superintendent. Mr. Tutty will replace Mr. Joseph Fusco, who retired this June, after nineteen years as Superintendent. Gary Tutty lives in Ilion with his wife, Pamela and their three children. Best wishes to both Mr. Tutty and Mr. Fusco.


    Superintendent's Introductory Letter

    Volume 21 Issue 1, of the "Gold 'N Brown"contains Superintendent, Gary Tutty's introductory letter, for the 1997-98 School Year. Best Wishes to the administration, faculty, staff and students of Ilion Central Jr./Sr. High School as you begin another school year! (August 16, 1997)


    New Faculty Appointments....

    Volume 21 Issue 1, of the "Gold 'N Brown" also contains five new Faculty and Staff Appointments, for the 1997-98 School Year. (August 16, 1997)


    Junior/Senior High Changes to Block Scheduling

    Volume 21 Issue 1, of the "Gold 'N Brown"contains information on Block Scheduling, which is being implemented for the first time for the 1997-98 School Year. The reasons and benefits of Block Scheduling are explained in this article. (August 16, 1997)

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