Ilion High School Ilion NY
Ilion High School Ilion NY


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Ilion Class of 1943 Servicemen who died during World War II

Richard Vincent Elmer, Fireman 1-c, U. S. Navy - November 15, 1944 - France
Pvt. Phillip A. Davis, U. S. Army - June 23, 1944 - France
Pfc. John W. Cole, U. S. Army - March 26, 1945 - Germany
Pvt. Walter Snyder, U. S. Army - January 12, 1945 - Luxemburg

The above members of the Class of 1943 died during World War II.

This Veteran's Day, we honor Ilion Service men and woman and Ilion Veterans.
G O D     B L E S S    A M E R I C A !

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