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2003 Alumni Jamfest

The Ilion Reunion Jamfest Committee, chaired by Dick Bly IHS 1967, has organized a FREE Reunion JAMFEST 2003 as part of the Ilion Days Celebration Weekend. The Boss V and the Stevie Rigo Band will be providing entertainment throughout the weekend. Local Clubs will be open to the public - The Elks, The Knights of Columbus (K of C is closed for private party Sat. evening), and The Marine Corp. The Boss V and Stevie Rigo band will share the stage, post DooDah parade, as the featured Ilion Days Entertainment. The Boss V will play additional sets, later in the evening, at The Elks Club. The Stevie Rigo Band will also perform Saturday evening at Crossways. Check back soon for more details or call Dick Bly - (315)894-6824.

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