Ilion High School Ilion NY
Ilion High School Ilion NY


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Interior Mother's Restaurant - Ilion NY

Interior Mother's Restaurant - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

"It was run by Mrs. Haslauer and her children - Doug and Donna. Mrs. Haslauer is the woman in the picture serving the young people in the booth. It was located on Otsego Street, but closer to Main St. than Panarites'. It was a very special place for many of us and we truly thought of her as mother."
(Information provided by Cynthia Rhodes Smith '61 - November 30, 1997)

The Jerry Walsh IHS '66 Memorial Golf Tournament
is being organized to to benefit ALS of Utica for patient/family care and national research.
See for more information regarding the Sunday, May 31, 2009 Golf Tournament.

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