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Class of 1943 Enlistees


IHS 1943 Classmate Enlistees
Members of the Class of 1943 who left school early to enlist in the Armed Forces were
'Ray' Steele, Fred Goldner, David Jones, Bruce Daily and Hiram Skinner.


"In 1943, Mr. Swarthout directed the Class of 1943 senior play, 'Mrs. Miniver,' based on the movie by the same name. Soon after the play, Bruce Daily, Fred Goldner, 'Ray' Steele and David Jones and Hiram Skinner left school to answer Uncle Sam's call."

"In 1943, Mrs. Vivian (Caygill) Wright and Professor Elwyn Swarthout, two of the Class of 1943's well-liked teachers, also left school. Mrs. Wright to join the WAACS and Mr. Swarthout went to work in a defense plant."

By Aileen Carney Sweeney
November 2014
Veterans Day Tribute Hiram Skinner 1943
IHS 1943 Veteran Hiram Skinner
(August 3, 1923 - November 5, 2014)


Hiram Skinner Class of 1943 Reunion 1998
Hiram Skinner Class of 1943 Reunion 1998

Hiram J. Skinner IHS 1943, age 91, passed away peacefully on Wednesday afternoon, November 5, 2014 in the Otsego Manor, Cooperstown. He was born on August 3, 1923 in Columbia Center, son of the late Hiram J. Sr. and Joanna Fretts Skinner. Mr. Skinner appeared in a 1943 'Ilion Sentinel' newspaper article about donating the Morgan Street School Bell to the war scrap drive. When he was awarded his diploma from Ilion High School, he received the Commencement Industrial Arts Award.

He was a honorably discharged from the US Air Force after World War II. He married Leanor Helmer in Herkimer on February 26, 1944.

Hiram Skinner was a local car dealer since 1945. He was also a lifelong area resident. He owned and operated Skinner & Welch Auto Dealership until 1962. He then started the Skinner & Damulis Ford Dealership in Richfield Springs. Hiram retired in 2014 after sixty-nine years of dedicated service to the Richfield and surrounding areas.



Utica Daily Press December 5, 1932


On December 3, 1932, Hiram Skinner suffered the tragic loss of his younger brother, Clayton Skinner, age 7. Two other victims of the tragic drowning in Weber Pond, were the young brothers, George Schaepe and Herman Schaepe, Jr. who lived at 81 South Third Avenue. George Schaepe was just one week shy of his sixth birthday when he died. Douglass Schaepe, Jr. had turned seven years old in June. The Schaepe brothers had spent the Saturday afternoon playing with their friend, Clayton Skinner. The Schaepe boys went down the hill to meet up with Clayton at the Skinner family home; a big yellow house near the corner of Elm Street.

"When the three boys failed to report at their respective homes for the evening meal, an immediate alarm was mounted. They were good boys, and it was unlike them to be late. The search was begun by Herman Skinner, the father of Clayton; Mrs. Schaepe, the mother of George and Douglas; their uncle Louis Lacy; and their grandfather, Herman Schaepe, worked with officers Frank Ford and Bydsen Watson."

Utica Daily Press December 5, 1932
Utica Daily Press, Monday December 5, 1932 - Part I

Herman Skinner's Discovery of Bright Feathers of Lads' Indian War Bonnets Under Thin Ice,
Leads to Recovery of Bodies of His Son, Clayton, 7, and Playmates, George Schaepe, 5, and His Brother, Douglass Herman, Jr.

Utica Daily Press, Monday December 5, 1932 - Part II

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Weber Pond 1906
Weber Pond was located in the vicinity of what is now The Diss Baseball field.

"The body of Clayton Skinner was brought to the surface about 10 Saturday night. Dr. James W. Graves, Herkimer coroner called and after a preliminary investigation, reported the boy had been dead several hours."

"Mrs. Schaepe was among the watchers on the bank, with Mr. Skinner, when Clayton's body was recovered. The certainty that her two sons had suffered the same fate was established and almost overcome, she returned to her home and to her two younger children. Meanwhile her father stood watch as after long minutes, the body of the first grandchild and then the second, came to the surface."

"At the Skinner home, the father, mother, two brothers and five sisters went about the routine of the day, trying to ease the burden of sorrow for one another. In mid-afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Skinner went to see about a plot in the cemetery. It was stated in both homes that funeral arrangements were not completed."

"Mrs. Skinner stated to neighbors who called yesterday that it is her own hope and consolation that the death of Clayton may teach caution to other boys, and that her sorrow may result in sparing other families similar tragedies. She and Mr. Skinner, the grandparents of Clayton, his brothers, Hiram, 8, and John, 11, the twins, Lola and Lula, 12; Ada 14, and Margaret, 16, were trying their best to act and speak in normal fashions....but the baby, little Barbara, who is just a year and a half old, seemed to sense the terrible event and cried almost constantly."

"This morning the school bells will have a sad message for the playmates of the three little first grade pupils."

By EDNA. R. COE - The Utica Daily Press


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