November - December 2017 - Ilion Alumni Site 20 Year Anniversary

Ilion Alumni Site 20 Year Anniversary

November - December 2017

By Aileen Carney Sweeney
November 2017


This web site was created, in the fall of 1997, to serve the alumni of the Ilion Central School District. A wealth of information has been organized and stored here for prosperity. For twenty years, it has remained a free service and does not require registration to access all of its historical data.

Ilion High School Building 1994
1994 Weber Avenue Circle
Ilion High School Building 1994
1994 View from Old Baldy

From reunion news to district history and specific class news, we have proudly celebrated the achievements of Ilion's graduates.

Homecoming King Jeff LaGase and Queen Angie (Bottini) Sayles Class of 1986

The Traditions pages share a bit of common history that binds all alumni with shared memories.

Ilion Veterans Memorials

The Memorials pages pay tribute to those alumni and faculty members who are no longer with us. This would not be possible without the permissions granted by local funeral homes to republish alumni obituaries. Today, November 11, 2017, the Veterans Memorials remind us all of those who served to keep us free.

Mrs. Barb Teeter
Mrs. Barb Teeter
Guess The Graduate

Early on, the Guess The Graduate Contest quickly became the favored feature of the early web site. It ran for six years from 1997 through 2002, and helped this web site reach a wider audience. The first Guess the Graduate featured two doctors and a dentist all from the Class of 1936.

Guess The Village Landmark
Guess The Village Landmark
Photos Courtesy of Ron Clive IHS 1970

That feature led to another popular contest, the Guess The Local Landmark. This provided the opportunity to provide historical information about the landmarks, in the answers page of each monthly contest.

Ilion High School Key Club 1971

The front page of the web site addressed a new topic for an article. All the stories are all available from this page: Alumni Site - Featured Cover Stories.

1998-99 Ilion Central School District - Board of Education

The Quill Gallery contains the featured stories that appeared over the years on the General News page. The last story published was in honor of Paul T. McLaughlin, IHS Class of 1941. Paul was a great contributor to this web site.


November 2017 - Ilion Alumni Site - 1 Year Older than Google

Even Google has not been around as many years as the Ilion Alumni web site. Google only celebrated its 19th Anniversary on September 4, 2017. So, when you want to find information about Ilion Alumni, use the Ilion Alumni web site's Search page first!

November 2017 - Ilion Alumni Site - Search

It has been a pleasure bringing this site to all of you. I thank you for your contributions of images, documents, yearbooks, and other historical resources that have helped to preserve our Golden Bomber history.

Remember - "Never Be Less Than The Best"

Aileen Carney Sweeney (4th generation Ilion Alumnus)

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