"Our Town-Ilion, New York: A Selective Look at 300 Years of History"

1965 Alumnus and Faculty member - Joseph Daniel Collea Jr.

January 2022

Our Town-Ilion, New York: A Selective Look at 300 Years of History
New book by 1965 Alumnus - Joseph Collea


For those interested in the history of the Village of Ilion, Joe Collea has just written a book titled "Our Town—Ilion, New York: A Selective Look at 300 Years of History". Rather than try to produce an all-inclusive volume which attempted to cover all aspects of the town's rich and varied three-century lifespan, Joe elected instead to pick topics of interest upon which to focus. Arranged chronologically, each chapter addresses a particular aspect of Ilion's past.

Having attended West Hill Elementary and Ilion Junior-Senior High Schools (IHS '65), served the school district as a teacher, vice-principal, and principal, and elected as a trustee and then mayor of the village between 1982 and 1993, Mr. Collea's long-established roots in the community provided a great deal of background information which aided in composing this work. He credits the "Ilion Rembers" Facebook group and its members' interest in local history as a particular source of inspiration for his decision to write this history.

Having recently retired from his principal's position in White River Junction, Vermont, Mr. Collea has since been spending his time researching and writing. To date, he has had two books published: The First Vermont Cavalry in the Civil War, A History and New York and the Lincoln Specials: The President's Pre-Inaugural and Funeral Trains Cross the Empire State. Currently he is working on a biography of Ilion baseball stand-out Boots Day and expects to follow that effort with a second volume about Ilion's history. All of his books are available through Amazon.com.


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