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Ilion Notable Alumni

They don't call us the Golden Bombers for nothing...


Notable Alumni Features..

2014 August

Carl Bleau Class of 1932
Carl Bleau celebrated 100th Birthday at Doty's Golf Course on August 16, 2014. The August 2014 Cover story was in honor of Carl and his remarkable family - The Bleaus of Ilion, NY.

2014 July

Dr. James S. Anderson '36
The July 2014 Cover story was in honor of Dr. James S. Anderson's unequaled service to his patients, church, country and community.

Other articles that featured distinguished alumni are being added to the Alumni Cover Stories page. (August 23, 2014)


CNN Money Magazine Features Classmate..

    Larry DelGrego and his dad, Larry 'Babe' DelGrego were featured in the CNN Money Magazine Video How a fourth-generation gunsmith survives. Larry DelGrego and his family have been fixing and refurbishing Parker shotguns for four generations. (April 21, 2013)


IHS 1930 Alumnus Artist Celebrated at MWP - Edward 'Chris' Christiana....

    Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute celebrated the 100th birthday of IHS 1930 Alumnus, Edward 'Chris' Christiana, in August 2012. Edward Christiana was the first student from Ilion High School to receive and graduate with an Art Diploma from Ilion. He attended Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, graduating in 1933.

    In May, 1941 he was inducted into the US Army. He was invited to join the Munson-Williams-Proctor School of Art faculty in 1943 and continued to teach there until 1982.

    The Utica Observer Dispatch featured his work in a newspaper article in May 2012 - Art show celebrates late local artist Christiana. Mr. Christiana died in 2002.

    Fultonhistory.com Newspaper Archive References:
    Utica Observer 1940
    Utica Observer 1941


1941 Alumnus Jake Cooper....

    Jacob Cooper Ilion
    Jake Cooper

    IHS 1941 Alumnus, Jake Cooper, was recently featured in a newspaper article by The Herkimer Evening Telegram. With permission of The Evening Telegram, the full story is now available on the alumni site. (Dec 2, 2012)
    See Ilion native recalls fighter pilot experiences.


1960 Ed Conte - Rigid Digits.....

    Ed Conte's Blog, Rigid Digits, contains 'CONTEmplations of a Novelist, Poet and Freelance Writer" from August 2010 until February 1, 2012. Ed was affected by myotonic muscular dystrophy. Ed passed away peacefully on March 8, 2012, surrounded by family and friends. (July 7, 2012)


1941 Alumnus Son - "Ride for Heroes" ....

    Paul (Mac) McLaughlin's IHS '41 son, Dennis McLaughlin, rode for the Semper Fi fund. The cross-country fund-raiser began in June of 2012, starting in St Augustine, Florida, riding west across the southern US, and arrived in San Diego, California, two months later in August. This bicycle ride was done to raise awareness and funds for our country’s wounded veterans; specifically for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. See the full story at the Ride for Heroes. (May 30, 2012)


1965 Alumnus - Joseph D. Collea Jr. authors book....


2003 Alumnus - Jerome Socolof Appears on TV Show Jeopardy....

    Jerome Socolof is the 2003 valedictorian. He is the son of Kalman and Vicki Socolof. His appearance on the show airs locally Monday night, Feb. 23 at 7:30 p.m., on NBC. See the full story here - OD Story. (Feb 22, 2009)


1992 Alumnus - Plans Film about Ilion, NY.....

    1992 Alumnus - Michael Patrei is working on a documentary film about Ilion, NY. see www.ilionfilmcompany.com. "The history of Ilion, New York is A History of the United States of America. This documentary film takes a look at one small American town and how that town and its people have quietly yet potently moved through American history, from before the founding of this country to the present. It is not the dull and dry history learned from textbooks, it is the very real, very personal story of the people of Ilion, NY and how their lives are a reflection of this country as a whole."

    If you or anyone you know has a story to tell about the history of Ilion please send email to: history@ilionfilmcompany.com

    More information is available from The Evening Telegram. (July 13, 2008)


1992 Alumni - Produce/Direct Documentary Film 'Ballou'.....

    1992 Alumni - Michael Patrei and Casey Callister produced and directed, Ballou, a documentary film about the Ballou Senior High School Marching Band. The high school is situated in an impoverished section of Washington, DC. The band and film were featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in October 2007. It was also screened at The White House. The documentary is being shown at the Syracuse Center for the Performing Arts on May 3, 2008 at 2 pm. (April 30, 2008)


1972 Alumnus - Inspirational Teacher featured on CBS The Early Show.....

    Ilion Alumnus, Karen Cranney '72, was cited as an inspirational teacher, on the CBS Early Show, Thursday November 30. Locally on Channel 5 - (7am - 9am) (November 30, 2006)


1971 Alumnus Sets Bail for University of Vermont Coed Murder Suspect.....

    Class of 1971 Alumnus, Honorable M. Kathleen Manley, Caledonia Superior Court Presiding Judge, set bail at $150,000 in the arraignment of suspect, Brian L. Rooney, age 36, on sex charges. In the course of investigating the disappearance and murder of University of Vermont senior, Michelle Gardner-Quinn, investigators uncovered evidence implicating Rooney in several acts of sexual misconduct in Caledonia and Essex counties. Kathy graduated from Western New England College of Law in Springfield, Massachusetts. Prior to moving to Vermont nine years ago, Kathy was a member of the law firm of Carter and Manley, in Ilion. She also served as Chief Assistant District Attorney in Herkimer County and Ilion village attorney. (Oct 20, 2006)


1971 Alumnus on CBS Evening News.....

    Class of 1971 Alumnus, Stuart Strife, appeared on CBS Evening News on March 14, 2006 in a segment entitled, "Mixing Oil and Water." "As the Bush administration pushes for exploration of U.S. oil and natural gas reserves, one of the first frontiers is not far from treasured Florida beaches. Jim Acosta reports."
    Stuart Strife is the Director of Exploration for the Anadarko Petroleum Company.
    (May 19, 2006)


"Those Two So Young" 1981 Alumnus Book Published.....

    "My book "Those Two So Young" has been picked up by a publishing company of Frederick Maryland, and it should be released within this year. The book follows the stages of grief that I experienced after the tragic deaths of my two small children, Rhiannon and Dustyn. I graduated from IHS in 1981 never even dreaming that I would have experienced what I have, let alone write a book about it and get it published. I'm a teacher-aide at IHS, manning the study hall classes mainly for the senior high students. I'm also an advisor for the Class of 2005's yearbook. I live here in Ilion with my husband Tom and my stepson Matt, along with our 3 cats, 1 dog and 2 guinea pigs, so I keep quite busy."

    "I'm not going to be rich from the release of my book and that's fine. My main goal was to get it out to the public to let others experiencing a similar type of loss to know that they are not alone, and what they feel is all a normal part of grieving." Submitted by Julie Leonard Kehoe (Feb 22, 2005)


"The Outstanding Design Industry CEO of the Year Award".....

    Mr. Timothy O'Connor - Ilion NY
    Timothy W. O’Connor
    Image courtesy of RobsonWoese Inc.

    PSMJ’s 1st Annual Design Industry Outstanding CEO of the Year Award winners has been selected. The 2004 award recipient for the "Outstanding Design Industry CEO of the Year Award" was presented to Timothy W. O’Connor, P.E. (IHS '66), President & CEO of RobsonWoese Inc. Unlike any other award in the A/E/C industry, the award’s purpose is to identify and provide recognition for outstanding leadership and achievement by a Chief Executive Officer of a design industry firm.

    When hearing he was a recipient of the award, Tim said, "It is an honor for me to accept the CEO of the Year award from the prestigious organization of PSMJ. Accountability is the number one responsibility of a leader. At RobsonWoese accountability has no exceptions. In a team effort, we must never be satisfied, understanding we can always do a better job. This philosophy strengthens us individually, in our corporation, and most importantly, in the communities we live in."

    Review selection criteria included: Vision and Leadership; Corporate Performance; Global Competitiveness; Innovative Business Achievements; Strategic Quality Planning; Human Resource Management; Quality Results; Information and Analysis; Innovation and Ongoing Improvement; and Social Responsibility.

    For nearly 30 years, PSMJ Resources, Inc. has offered publications, educational programs, in-house training and consulting services to A/E/C professionals worldwide. (October 1, 2004)

Blacklisted Actress and Teacher Dies....

    Former Ilionite, Phoebe Brand Carnovsky age 96, an actress and distinguished acting teacher who was a founding member of the Group Theater, died on July 3, 2004 in Manhattan. Her obituary appeared in The New York Times. Ms. Brand grew up in Ilion, NY, where her father was chief mechanical engineer for Remington typewriters. Phoebe Brand, as she was known professionally, joined Lee Strasberg and others in 1931 to form the Group Theater, a radical company that dealt with social issues confronting the United States during the Depression. She was married to the Shakespearean actor Morris Carnovsky, who died in 1992.

    In 1952, Elia Kazan, director of the Marlon Brando file "On The Waterfront", a former member of the Group Theater, named them as Communists in the McCarthy hearings before the House Un-American Activities committee. As a result, they were blacklisted. Phoebe Brand made her film debut in 1994, at the age of 86, playing Marina in Louis Malle's "Vanya on 42nd Street." Ms. Brand continued to teach acting technique until the end of her life.(July 17, 2004)

    The Villager Article - "Spirit of the Group Theater evoked - A conversation with its last living member"



    John Peterson was recognized, by his community of Glen Eliyn Ill, for his rescue of a 15-year-old neighbor. On August 13, 2002, during a rainstorm, 15-year-old neighbor Vicky Bedlek attempted to remove a bale of hay which was blocking a large drainage tube in the road. Water was overflowing the ditch and flooding the Bedleck's driveway. John Peterson arrived at home and began assisting Miss Bedlek.The two were able to remove the blockage, however, moments later Bedleck slipped and struck her head on a pitchfork that she had been using. Both of her legs went into the drainage tube and the strong suction, caused by the strong storm waters, began to pull her whole body inside. John grabbed her arms, preventing her from being sucked into the drainage tube completely. John's wife heard his calls for help, came, and braced him as he held on to the girl. When the rain subsided, they were able to pull Bedlek from the tube. She only suffered minor scrapes and buises. John needed eight stitches on a finger that was injured while removing the bale of hay. (September 28, 2002)


Sole Surviving 1924 Class Member Celebrates 95th Birthday....

    Florence Porter Pelletier, of Valley Health Services, Herkimer and Fifth Ave, Ilion, celebrated her 95th birthday on August 2, 2002, in Ilion with family and friends. She was born August 2, 1907, on Grove St, Ilion, the daughter of George B. and Catharine Anna Porter. She graduated from Ilion High School, in 1924, and then graduated from the Utica School of Commerce. In 1934, she married Joseph Pelletier in Ilion, and they had two daughters, Doreen and Elaine, and a son, Joseph. Her husband died in 1986. She was a longtime employee of the Walker Agency in Ilion, In the 1940s, she and neighbor, Mary Connick, opened The Trading Post on Fifth Avenue and ran that well-known establishment for 40 years. She enjoys crocheting, listening to 'talking books' and visiting with friends. She has 12 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. (August 10, 2002)


Donna Thibault '97 Awarded a National Science Foundation Fellowship

    Donna Thibault '97, a May 2001 Rochester Institute of Technology, Biotechnology graduate is now in the first year of a Ph.D. program in Immunology at Stanford University. Donna was selected to receive a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. This is the most prestigious fellowship awarded new graduate students in doctoral programs. (May 14, 2002)


Barbara Van Arsdale Terzioski '78 Wins Award

    Barbara Van Arsdale Terzioski '78 , was selected as NY State Entrepreneur of the Year. Barb was selected by Governor George Pataki, NY State Labor Board and the NY State Regency Committee. This award was won by her, both regionally and statewide. Barbara was also selected by Oneida County Executive as one of the Great Women of Oneida County. Barbara is the founder of Youth Empowerment Project. She has been recognized statewide as a crusader in keeping children from ending up in the juvenile court system or other placements. Barbara is an inspirational speaker and travels extensively instructing teachers, parents and professionals about programs to help the behaviorally challenged. (May 5, 2002)


Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

    Ilion native and honorary Golden Bomber [Notre Dame Grad] Joseph Seymour was appointed Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Mr. Seymour, who has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the New York Power Authority, was nominated for the Port Authority position by New York Governor George E. Pataki. He will succeed outgoing Executive Director Neil Levin, who was lost in the attacks on the World Trade Center. (modified February 15, 2002)


World Trade Center - Gund Bear Project

    Ilion Police Officer Brian Lamica '77, with his wife Nora, volunteered on a project to assist the children of victims of the World Trade Center disaster. Brian and Nora Lamica solicited donations, both locally and nationally, and were able to purchase and deliver 242 Gund-brand teddy bears. Assisted by students from Ilion's Remington Elementary School, they raised enough funds to donate 26 Gund bears (one each from the Remington School classrooms) to the children of victims of the World Trade Center disaster. Remington students and staff raised $441.74 to send the 26 bears to the unfortunate children affected by this tragedy. One-hundred forty-six bears were donated on October 30, 2001: 20 to children of NYPD - one for each child who lost a parent, 55 to children of Port Authority Police - one for each child who lost a parent and 71 to children of FDNY employees. An additional 96 bears were delivered to New York City on December 12, 2001. Others who contributed with the project include Herkimer BOCES Career Tech Center students and Trico Elementary School in Campbell Hill, Illinois. (January 27, 2002)

    Shown in photo (above) are Brian & Nora Lamica,
    firefighter Egan and Andrew Lamica.
    This photo was taken in front of a memorial to the fallen firefighters,
    located in front of the station. Firefighter Egan's brother was
    a member of Engine 4 Ladder 15, and is still missing.
    Photo courtesy of the Lamica Family


Maneen approved as new legislature chairman

    Anthony Maneen '64, (Dist. 4-Ilion), was nominated and unanimously approved by The Herkimer County Legislature to the position of chairperson of the legislature. Maneen, a resident of Ilion, was appointed to the legislature in 1994 and sought the position of chairperson two years ago. A part-time pharmacist, Maneen and his wife Jean Keddell Maneen, have three sons. As chairperson, he is planning on trying to attract jobs to the area and wants to focus on both the "Pumpkin Patch" and the old drive-in theater in Schuyler for development. Also at the same meeting, Leonard Hendrix '61, R-Ilion, was nominated and approved as the vice-chairman of the legislature. (January 9, 2002)


Sidley Austin Brown & Wood Law Firm

    Mr. Griffith L. Green, Valedictorian Class of 1986, is a partner in the Washington, D.C. office of Sidley Austin Brown & Wood. His practice has been divided between complex civil and criminal litigation and appellate litigation. Mr. Green joined the firm following clerkships with Justice Antonin Scalia of the United States Supreme Court and Judge J. Michael Luttig of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. He graduated with high honors from the University of Chicago Law School. He served on the school's Law Review. He was also elected to the Order of the Coif. Mr. Green received his B.A., magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. You can find Mr. Green's biography at the Sidley Austin Brown & Wood site. (December 14, 2001)


Communities 2000 Outreach Coordinator .....

    James Garnsey IHS 1949, Ilion, has been appointed as Communities 2000 outreach coordinator at Herkimer County Community College. Jim will be available to bring the Communities 2000 strategic planning and visioning process to interested communities. Communities 2000 began at HCCC in 1992 as an effort to encourage local citizens to participate actively in public life. The key elements of Communities 2000 are a grassroots foundation among a community's residents, broad based participation, and a community visioning/planning effort that is strategic in nature. The college provides a neutral setting where communication is encouraged, everyone has an opportunity to participate, and the underlying rule is to be respectful of others and be open to new ideas. Jim Garnsey brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of Herkimer County communities to Communities 2000. He is a lifelong resident of Herkimer County and served as mayor of Ilion for 10 years. He has been active in community leadership through his service on the HCCC board of trustees, the Herkimer County ARC board of directors, the Village of Ilion Housing Authority, Mid-York Library board of directors and the HCCC Foundation board. Communities 2000 is funded through a grant provided by the Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties. (July 21, 2001)


Staley/Robeson® firm

    Mr. Harry Staley, Class of 1947, an attorney, is the Founder and Chairman of Staley/Robeson® firm, a national leader in not-for-profit fund-raising counsel. "In a distinguished career exceeding 30 years, Mr. Staley has earned a reputation as one of the nation's leading fund-raising consultants. Institutions and organizations across the nonprofit spectrum in the United States and in Europe have benefited from his advice and counsel. Widely recognized as one of the profession's leading problem solvers, Mr. Staley led the development of the S/R CLASS® Program and the firm's Annual Giving Seminar." You can find Mr. Staley's biography at the Staley/Robeson site. (June 10, 2001)


Superintendent Terry Brewer

    Mr. Terry Brewer is Superintendent of Schools of the East Greenbush Central School District. Five thousand pupils are enrolled in the seven schools in the district. Five neighborhood schools serve the K-5 population. Howard L. Goff Middle School serves students in grades 6, 7, and 8. Columbia High School serves approximately 1,400 students in grade 9-12. (March 24, 2001)


Sister Colleen Moran!....

    Colleen Moran Schultz is not really a nun, she just played one in the recent musical production of Nuncrackers. Colleen starred as Sr. Mary Hubert in "Nuncrackers." She lives in Ilion with her husband, Bob, and her son, Ryan. (January 12, 2001)


Dean Warren Angell IHS '25

    The former dean of the Warren M. Angell College of Fine Arts at Oklahoma Baptist University, Dean Warren Angell IHS 1925 was featured in an article in the Baptist Messenger. "At 92 years of age, Dean Warren Angell still has that infectious smile, sense of humor, jubilant walk and warmth that puts people at ease the moment he enters a room." (Modified Aug 21, 2001)


1979 Grad Battles Homelessness in Savannah....

    Craig Cashman IHS '79 is the Executive Director of the Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless. Craig was featured in a Savannah Morning News article. (Modified Jan 12, 2001)


1941 Grad's Web Site Selected OD Homepage of the Week ....


1975 Alumnus promoted to Vice-President of Operations ....

    Ed Scram, a member of the Class of 1975, son of Edward and Marilyn Hiller Scram '49, has been promoted to the position of vice president - operations at Weirton Steel Corporation in West Virginia. The company had nets sales of $1.1 billion in 1999 and employs approximately 4,3000. Ed began his career at Weirton Steele in 1981 as a ceramic engineer. Ed earned a bachelor's degree in ceramic engineering from Alfred University in 1980. This September, he will graduate from the University of Pittsburgh's Executive MBA program. In 1997, Ed received the Citizen of the Year award from the West Virginia Northern Community College's Friends of the College in the industry division. He was named president, in 1998, of the Eastern States Blast Furnace and Coke Ovens Association, for which he served as a member of the board of directors for eight years. Ed and his wife, Jeannette, live in Hickory, PA with their two daughters. (July 23, 2000)


2000 Graduate Selected one of The Observer Dispatch Teen All-Stars ....

    Rebecaa Goldin, a member of the Class of 2000, daughter of Diane and Tom Goldin '71, was selected as an outstanding youth in the newspaper's annual Teen All Star feature. Becky tutors fifth graders at Remington Elementary School. She is president of Honor Society, Student Council, and Key Club. Her other school activities include varsity volleyball, basketball, soccer and parade band. She will attend Elmira Collage with career plans to eventually teach English. (June 5, 2000)


1989 Grad First Internet Grad at HCCC ....

    Jodi Crim, a member of the Class of 1989, completed her general studies Associate's Degree entirely through Herkimer County Community College's Internet Academy. She stared her degree in the fall of 1998. William Pelz, Internet Academy Coordinator, said that Jodi did well on the internet because she does well at independent learning and is "... a very strong student, a bright student, and we're very proud of her." Currently, 596 students are taking one or more courses with HCCC over the internet, including 367 full-time students. Jodi intends to continue her education, by working toward a teaching degree, possibly at Utica College. (May 30, 2000)


1970 Grad's Web Site Selected OD Homepage of the Week ....

    Congratulations to Dave Williams '70 on being selected for The Observer Dispatch Home Page of the Week. Dave's Official Web Site for the Mohawk Valley Hershey Track & Field Youth Program was selected the week of May 8, 2000. (May 12, 2000)


1973 Grad Appears in Time Magazine ....

    Marla Short Wood, a member of the Class of 1973, appears in the May 1, 2000 edition of Time Magazine in a photograph featuring the original staff members of Microsoft. Also appearing in the photo with Marla is Bill Gates - estimated worth $62 billion. The photograph was taken in 1978 and the article provides the estimated worth of each of the founding staff members. Marla was a bookkeeper at Microsoft and her husband, Steve Wood, was a programmer. According to the article, Marla has an estimated worth of $15 million. Her husband now operates a telecommunications company and Marla volunteers. They reside in Issaquah, WA. (April 27, 2000)


Dr. William R. Miles BOCES Superntendent....

    Dr. William R. Miles Class of 1965 was recently featured in an article in Oneonta's "The Daily Star". Dr. Miles has served as district superintendent of the Otsego-Northern Catskills Board of Cooperative Educational Services for the past nine years. He earned bachelor's and master's degrees from Colgate University. Dr. Miles earned his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin. (March 16, 2000)


HCCC Hall of Fame Inductee - Daniel Burling....

    Congratulations to Daniel J. Burling - Class of 1965 who was inducted into the Herkimer County Community College Alumni Association Hall of Fame on March 11, 2000. He is the first HCCC alumnus elected to state office. Daniel was elected to the 147th Assembly seat. He received 62 percent of the vote. His district includes parts or all of Genesee, Wyoming, Livingston, Allegheny, Cattaragus and Erie counties. After graduating from Ilion, he enlisted in the Marine Corps and earned several decorations and awards. He later graduated from HCCC and then attended the University of Buffalo School of Pharmacy. He earned his bachelor's degree in 1980 and became a state-registered pharmacist. He is president and owner of Burling Drug, Inc. Daniel Burling is married to the former Jean Dunckel of Ilion. They have a daughter, Mary, a son, David and two grandchildren. (modified March 10, 2000)


Brownrigg places third ....

    Jason Brownrigg, a member of the Class of 1995, teamed with a fellow New York Institute of Technology Architecture student to take third-place honors in the sixth annual, Fourth-Year Design Competition among students from the college's School of Architecture and Design. The competition was sponsored by noted architect Michael Harris Spector. This year's contest focused on the village of Freeport, Long Island. Twenty-one teams or students presented their ideas of a 21st century Freeport, in the year 2020. (February 18, 2000)


1981 Alumnus founder of New York Performance Works ....

    Ilion alumnus Andrew 'Jay' McTiernan '81, age 36, established New York Performance Works about four years ago. Performance Works is a theater and film production company in New York City. Scripts are presented as stage plays prior to being moved onto film. Jay produces three plays a year at a cost of around $100,000. Recently, he finished works shopping a production with actors Matthew Broderick and Rosy Perez. Prior to his production career, Jay attended East Carolina University, and in 1990, he moved to New York City to work as a Wall Street trader. Jay's recent show is "Imperfect Love". He is currently producing a film with Forrest Murray (Spitfire Grill/Bob Roberts). (modified March 14, 2000


1969 Alumnus Named Counselor of the Year....

    Ilion alumnus Mary Erin O'Connor Blair '69 has been named Counselor of the Year for the State Division of Veterans Affairs - Northeastern division. She provides benefits counseling and advocacy on behalf of veterans and their families in Oneida and Herkimer Counties. Mary Erin served 11 years on active duty in the Navy and 15 years in the Naval Reserves. She joined the Division of Veterans Affairs in 1994. (October 28, 1999)


1940 Alumnus Travels the World....

    Ilion alumnus George Orick - IHS '40 spent fifteen years of his career working for network television (one of them at NBC News, 14 at ABC Network News) as a writer/editor/producer. His adventures included a trip to the South Pole with Hugh Downs for 20/20. He is compiling his life story in a memoir, with the working title On The Outside Looking Out. (October 23, 1999)


Notable 1952 Alumnus....

    Ilion alumnus William H. Young - IHS '52 was nominated in 1989, by President Bush, to be an Assistant Secretary of Energy (Nuclear Energy). (October 23, 1999)


Class of '66 Member Receives Ernest F. Trad Award ....

    John Wainwright '66, of Ilion, received the state Department of Conservation's highest employee award, the 15th annual Ernest F. Trad Award. John was recognized for his hard work and breadth of experience. He is a supervising pesticide control inspector in the Division of Solid and Hazardous Materials. He works at the DEC headquarters in Colonie but his responsibilities take him throughout the state. (August 11, 1999)


Class of '46 Member Honored for 40 Years of Service ....

    Lawrence 'Pete' Doty '46, owner of Doty's Golf Course, was recently honored by the YMCA of the Mohawk Valley. A special recognition award was presented to Mr. Doty, for his 40 years of volunteer service to the YMCA and community, as a member of the YMCA Board of Directors. During his tenure, Mr. Doty's hard work, dedication, and leadership, in program development and fund raising, led to the completion of numerous facility improvements. (August 3, 1999)


Class of '67 Alumnus Receives Award ....

    Donald E. Sterling Jr. '67, past commandant of the Department of New York Marine Corps League, received the Chapel of Four Chaplains Humanitarian award, at the recent state convention. The Legion of Honor award is a public recognition of persons who have rendered selfless service to others. Mr. Sterling is a life member of the Marine Corps League, Military Order of Devil Dogs, and Amvets Post 777. He is a member of the Mohawk American Legion and a recipient of the Loyalty Day Award. He has chaired and organized many Memorial Day parades, ceremonies and dedications, as well as the Desert Storm welcome home committee and parade. He has taught with the post office for five years and spoken to students about service and safety. He participated in many fund-raising efforts. The Chapel of the Four Chaplains award has been presented to presidents, cabinet officers, Congressional members and foreign heads of state. (July 30, 1999)


Class of '89 Alumnus works with Nashville Celebs ....

    Michael Sklarz '89, has lived in Nashville, TN, for the last four years. Mike recently graduated from college, with a BA degree in the Recording Industry/Music Business. He has worked with Trisha Yearwood, The Mavericks, Alan Jackson, Michael Peterson, Brooks & Dunn, and Junior Brown. He is now working in a publishing company, within the industry. Mike also works on publicity for Brad Hawkins. Brad has the lead role in a CBS Mini-Series called Shake, Rattle, & Roll (An American Love Story). (July 7, 1999)


Hall of Fame Inductee....

    Point Pleasant Beach Public Education Foundation, New Jersey, inducted Ilion alumnus Arthur Whitcomb to their Hall of Fame. "Mr. Whitcomb served as Principal of the Point Pleasant Beach High School from August 1950 until June 1965. He presided over a period of growth and led the way in the enhancement of the School's academic reputation." (April 29, 1999)


Accomplished 1931 Alumnus....


Notable 1924 Alumnus....

    Discover more about prominent alumnus Marion Clayton Link - IHS '24. She contributed to scholarly and scientific study, writing archaeological research reports for National Geographic and Smithsonian Institution expeditions and publishing numerous articles.

    From 1931 until the birth of her first son in 1938, Marion helped her husband, Edwin A. Link, researcher and inventor; develop Link Aviation, Inc.. One of Link's best-known inventions is the Link Trainer. By using the Trainer in ground school, training flights, during World War II, millions of gallons of fuel were saved. Over 10,000 "Blue Box" Aviation Trainers were procured by the US Government during the war and over 500,000 aviators were trained. (April 15, 1999)


Ilion Senior Performs in Carnegie Hall

    IHS 1999 Senior, Justin Smithson, was selected as the only Herkimer County resident to sing with the 1999 All-Eastern Chorus in New York City, March 7, 1999. He plays guitar, cello, viola, piano and dulcimer and sings in several choirs, and the local band "Showtime". Vicki and Todd Smithson, Justin's parents, have provided him with plenty of support in his musical endeavors. Justin earned a grade of 100, in last year's NY State School Music Association Festival for singing solo. (March 17, 1999)


1984 Graduate Contributes to Book entitled "Managing Fixed Income Portfolios,"

    News from Jeffrey Slater '84...

    "I recently authored a chapter that appears in a couple financial textbooks that are used by undergraduate and graduate business students, and bond market professionals. The Books are entitled: "Managing Fixed Income Portfolios," edited by Frank Fabozzi, 1997 and "Selected Chapters in Bond Portfolio Management," edited by Frank Fabozzi, 1997. The title of the chapter, which is the same in each book, is "Managing Municipal Bond Portfolios," and explains the basics of the municipal bond market. Frank asked me to write the chapter a year ago, and I accepted his generous offer of five copies of each book in return for my work. As I now evaluate the sweetheart deal I got, I'm beginning to think that Frank should be passing out the business advice, while I should work on my negotiating skills."

    "Anyway, the books are required reading for those with chronic insomnia. Check out Amazon.com for info on how you can get your own copy of this 20th century masterpiece. Frank would really appreciate it." (March 3, 1998)


1973 Graduate receives the New York State Conspicuous Service Cross Medal

    IHS 1973 Graduate, Roland "Rolly" Yardley, was presented the highest honor bestowed upon a veteran by the State of New York, the "New York State Conspicuous Service Cross Medal" January 28, 1998. Lt. Commander Yardley received the medal for his meritorious service while serving aboard the USS Reid (FFG-30) in the Persian Gulf. Rolly now resides, with his family, in Fairfax Station, Virgina. (March 3, 1998)


1941 Graduate edits book on serving in WWII as a P-47 fighter pilot

    Class of 1941 graduate, Col. Jacob L. Cooper USAF, Ret. has edited a book of his serving as a P-47 fighter pilot in WW II in the ETO. The book, in its second printing, is entitled "The 493rd Fighter Squadron in World War II". Copies of the book are in the Ilion Library, the Ilion High School Library, and the Frank Basloe Library in Herkimer. The book is published by Southern Heritage Press, P.O. Box 10937, St Petersburg, Florida 33733 (Submitted by Joe Bates - February 23, 1998)


1969 Graduate receives the New York State Conspicuous Service Cross Medal

    IHS 1969 Graduate, Arthur "Ozzie" Sterling, was presented the highest honor bestowed upon a veteran by the State of New York, the "New York State Conspicuous Service Cross Medal". Assemblyman Marc Butler presented the honor to Ozzie, on Friday January 30, 1998. The State Legislature sanctioned the award in 1920, to reflect the state's pride and appreciation in the patriotic and heroic service of its citizens. Arthur "Ozzie" Sterling served with the U.S. Marine Corps from August 1969 to 1971. He was stationed with the First Battalion Fifth Marine Division. Ozzie's other awards include the Combat Action Ribbon for his combat service in Vietnam. Ozzie accepted the award in the presence of his wife Mary Bechard Sterling, Class of '75, and their three children. (February 1, 1998)


1971 Graduate Named to Vermont's Superior Court

    Governor Howard Dean appointed attorney Kathy Manley, to serve on Vermont's Superior Court. She recently served, for the past five years, as a family court magistrate and acting district judge. Kathy graduated from Western New England College of Law in Springfield, Mass. Prior to moving to Vermont nine years ago, Kathy was a member of the law firm of Carter and Manley, in Ilion. She also served as Chief Assistant District Attorney in Herkimer County and Ilion village attorney. Congratulations are due and we send best wishes to Kathy on her new appointment. (January 9, 1998)


1996 Graduate Receives Travel/Tourism Award

    Congratulations to Amy Williams, of the IHS Class of 1996, on being awarded the $1,500 Southern California Chapter/Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays Scholarship, to pursue studies in the travel and tourism field. Forty scholarships a year are awarded to students pursuing careers in the travel profession. Amy is a junior at Niagara University, studying hotel/restaurant management. (January 7, 1998)


Induction into Hall of Fame

    Colonel Jerry W. Angell, Ilion High Class of 1952 was honored by Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Colonel Angell was a four-year letter winner in both football and lacrosse from 1952-1956. Angell was the first interior lineman elected to the hall. Angell was also captain of the 1951 undefeated (9-0) Ilion football team and was an all-state honorable mention.

    Attending the induction ceremony with Angell, were his brother Dave and wife Karrol, Bill and Audrey (Pearson) Hendrix, Sherli Jones and Chuck Earl along with presenter Barney Brooks. All were Ilion graduates in the early 1950s.

    Col. Angell flew 265 combat missions, as a fighter pilot, for the Air Force. Before retiring from the Air Force in 1982, Col. Angell earned the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross with one oak leaf cluster, the Purple Heart and 14 air medals. He also taught high school in California for seven years. Col. Angell currently resides, in Redlands, California.


90 Years of Magnificent Music

    90th Birthday Celebration
    May 16 - 18, 1997
    Oklahoma Baptist University Honors
    Dean WARREN M. ANGELL - IHS Class of '25

    "Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., on May 13, 1907, Warren Angell graduated from Ilion, N.Y., High School, and received both Bachelor and Master of Music degrees in piano and composition from Syracuse University, in Syracuse, N.Y. He served as Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Oklahoma Baptist University. In 1956, the board of trustees of Oklahoma Baptist University named the college the "Warren M. Angell College of Fine Arts". He won wide acclaim as a choral director and was in demand in 16 states for festivals and clinics. He perfected choral techniques in the OBU Bison Glee Club, which won national prominence, making 7 commercial records, appeared in 1965 on the Great Choirs of America Voice of Christmas Series over NBC and other television and radio programs."


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