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Homecoming King and Queen Class of 1992

Homecoming King and Queen

From the 1992 Mirror

Homecoming King - Lance Tabor and Homecoming Queen - Carrie Plunkett Class of 1992
King - Lance Tabor and Queen - Carrie Plunkett

Class of 1992 Homecoming Pep Rally Mr. Mark Fahy
Mr. Mark Fahy at Pep Rally

Each morning in homeroom we were awakened by Mr. Fahey's cheerful voice screaming 'STOCK' - Stop Those Overconfident Knights. The theme for homecoming this year was "Bombers Make it a Story Book Ending."

On Monday, we all donned our PJ's for "Pajama Day". Tuesday, we had the Knights seeing double with "Twin Day". We suspended the Knights on Wednesday with "Suspender Day". Thursday we proved to the Knights that we weren't kidding around with "Kid Day". Finally on Friday, we showed our school spirit by wearing gold and brown.

Class of 1992 Homecoming Suspender Day
Suspender Day

The cheerleaders then went in search of the 1990 king and queen. They didn't have to look any farther when they found Carrie Plunkett and Lance Tabor. Both Jodi and Lance were surprised, but pleased that they had been crowned the new homecoming king and queen.

After the cheerleaders presented their hello cheer, line-up and routine, the '89 king and queen were crowned. A pair of cheerleaders strolled about the gym trying to find the king and queen. The cheerleaders captured Lance Tabor and Carrie Plunkett and crowned them king and queen of 1989 Homecoming.

Class of 1992 Homecoming  - Twin Day
Twin Day

When 9th period came around on friday, everyone got psyched for the pep rally. The cheerleaders accompanied by the high-spirited boy cheerleaders,Marc Sheppard, Earl richard, D.J. Raux, Mike Patrei, Jim Irwin, Jason Richards, Mike Murray, Ben Tyo, Bill Murphy, Justin Welczyko, Jim Charles, and Tom Lester, helped to get us excited for the game against the Holland Patent Knights. The spirit contest was won by the freshmen (but it was believed by numerous students that the seniors were the true victors).

Ben Stubley and Carrie Plunkett were crowned as our king and queen and reigned over the chilly Homecoming festivities throughout the weekend.

Saturday morning everyone was busy getting the floats ready for the parade. The theme was Fairy Tales. The freshmen again came in first place with the "Ace of Hearts". The juniors were soon to follow with "Puff the Magic Dragon". The seniors took third place their 'action float' of "Goldie Knight and the Three Bears".

Class of 1992 Homecoming  - Pajama Day
Pajama Day

At the game, both sets of cheerleaders kept the spirits of the crowd up. Unfortunately, the victory was seized by the Knights, although our spirits were soon up-lifted at the Homecoming Dance. Sunday, the high school girls participated in 'powder puff' football and volleyball wrapping up a very enjoyable Homecoming weekend.

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