Ilion 1971 prom throne
The Junior Prom 1970 - Held by the Class of 1971
The Queen's throne for "An Evening in Venice"

Below are the prom themes by the Graduating Class years. If you know the titles of the missing years' themes or have corrections for the titles listed, please send them along for inclusion.

1930   Holland

1938   Polar Atmoshphere

1939   April Showers

1940   Alice's Wonderland

1942   Old Fashioned Garden

1943   Patriotic Theme

1945   Purple & White - Spring Flowers and Evergreens

1948   Mexican Garden

1963   The Twinkling Twenties

1964   Kahiki

1965   Through The Looking Glass

1966   Aloha Hawaii

1967   A Dive to the Depths

1968   Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

1969   Candyland

1970   Oriental Midnight

1971   An Evening in Venice

1972   The Age of Aquarius

1973   Color My World

1974   Stairway To Heaven

1975   Dancing in the Moonlight

1976   A Dream Goes on Forever

1977   Time Passes On
"Time Passes On" off the Orleans "Let There Be Music"album. The very hard rock band hired did not know our theme song and we had to listen to it over the gym PA system from the "album" we had been wearing out during decorating. As usual, the fountain also leaked." - Tina Johnson

1978   Paradise

1979   Wish Upon A Star

1980   Everybody Has A Dream

1981   Long Ago and Far Away

1982   We've Got Tonight

1983   The Long and Winding Road

1986   Up Where We Belong

1988   Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now

1989   This Could Be the Night

1990   Hands to Heaven

1991   This is The Time

1992   Up Where We Belong

1993   At This Moment

1994   Wonderful Tonight

1995   We've Got Tonight

1996   In Your Eyes

1997   Heaven

1998   I Will Remember You

1999   From This Moment


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