Ilion High School

Class of 1905

Morgan Street School, Ilion


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Class of 1905 Photograph from the Carney family, personal, photograph albums. Image enhanced and retouched by Aileen Carney Sweeney.

Class of 1905 Portrait


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Class Roster, as published in 1905 newspaper articles, listed alphabetically as 1905 Class Roster page. (added March 17, 2022).


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     Newspaper articles about the IHS Class of 1905 (added April 26, 2020)


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History of the Union Free School

Class Roster 1905 published in the Alumni book "History of the Union School", which was published in 1925. The book contained the names and address of each alumnus, as of 1925.


Alma Mater Lyrics

The Lyrics to the Alma Mater were written by Edna Brand McGowan, Class of 1905. Edna's words, set to the tune of Cornell's "Far Above Cayuga's Waters", were selected as the winning entry, in a contest held to determine the lyrics. (Information provided by Edna's grandson, Richard Parkinson, Class of 1966)

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