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Ilion High School "Mirror" Yearbook Cover Survey/Contest

Ilion Yearbook Emblem

Emblem from 1922 Yearbook

Polls Are Closed - The Grand Prize Winner is 1965

Comments Received as of November 5, 1998

"This was a fun activity. Some decades were hard to pick one best one, while others seemed hard to find one I liked!!"

"Only decent one - 1964 - sort of a Young and Restless/Days of Our Lives theme."

"My criteria for selecting the best cover was 1. Does the cover reflect the school colors? 2. Does it contain the word 'Mirror'? 3. Is the class year clearly visible on the cover? 4. Is the artwork crisp, clean and uncluttered? 5. Can one determine that the book is an 'ILION' yearbook?"

"1964 - what else?"

"There are some really nice 'artsy' covers. It was fun to look with an objective eye."

"1962 - I have always thought our year book was the funnest."

"I like this contest."

"Will always love the yearbook cover for 1962."

"I loved the 1974 yearbook cover. But I have to say 1980 was a nice looking one too. But....haven't they all been great."

"The 1955 cover was the best!"

"1959 still has to be my favorite. Great job on this web page. What a fantastic way to get back in touch with old (just a manner of speaking) classmates."

"I like 1998's the best. It seems to have the most unique,artistic one yet; considering my class had a dark gloomy look, which wasn't bad."

"1998 - I think the yearbook should have a tied-dyed background,since all the graduates think of nothing but of the 60's. Let's do something different,make the kids happy."

Thumbnail image links of the decades are provided below. Or you can view all of the Mirrors

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Polls Are Closed - The Grand Prize Winner is 1965


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