History of the Ilion Central School District

West Hill School Building

Ilion - West Hill School Building

West Hill Elementary School was built in 1897 and only contained six rooms. The building, at North Fourth Avenue and Second Street, was dedicated on April 30, 1897. The 1923 school district renovation plans included building improvements to West Hill School. The district proposed a two-story, eight-room addition and to change from the steep roof to a flat roof. The entrance was to be remodeled to become a ground level entrance with a vestibule inside. The addition called for four rooms on each floor, an assembly room, locker rooms, toilets and coal bunkers. At the time, West Hill School housed the kindergarten through the fourth grades. The 1923 plan provided for also housing the fifth and sixth grades. The addition of fourteen rooms and a gymnasium was completed in 1925. West Hill School closed when the new Remington School Building opened in 1977.

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