Ilion High School Guess The Graduate

September 1997 - CLASS OF 1936

The First Guess The Graduate Feature

"Say Aaaaaah"

Correct Answer is
Arthur Applegate, MD

"Open Wide"

Correct Answer is
James Anderson, DDS

"Bend Over"

Correct Answer is
Theodore Carney, MD

Congratulations to Kris Lennox Fahey, Class of 1984, the Winner in our "Guess the Graduate" feature.

Kris correctly identified these three handsome gents September 2, 1997. Individual members of the Class of 1936 are not eligible, to be posted as the first person to identify these Bombers.

Other successful identifiers: Leisa Day Merrick '81, Lesa Decker Siver '64, Donna Bouck '76, Gail Smith Krueger '75, Greg Brown '75, Evelyn Griffith Moore '71, Beverly Capes Sudakow '69, Brooke Bechard Redmond '81 and Mary Applegate Boyd '75.



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