Ilion High School Guess The Graduate

October 1997

Faculty Staff members of Ilion High School

"Render unto Bombers the things that are Bombers...."

Correct Answer is
Mr. Mark Vivyan, Class of 1969

"To Be a Bomber or not to be a Bomber.."

Correct Answer is
Mrs. Regina Stefanishyn Nicolette, Class of 1962

"You are now entering Bomber Territory"

Correct Answer is
Mr. Robert Turley, Class of 1967

Congratulations to Don Vivacqua, Class of 1982, the Winner in our "Guess the Graduate" feature. Four other alumni guessed incorrectly, before Don came through with all three alumni identified correctly. One alumnus did have the correct answers but neglected to include their own name and email address. (October 1, 1997)

Other successful identifiers: Kara Benson '97, Mike Cunningham '80, Marci Berney '97, Jeffrey Kowalczik '96, Angie Bottini Sayles '86, Melissa Sudakow Dodwon '89, Beverly Capes Sudakow '69, Tracy Riddell Miller '81, Joe Yule '81, Dave Williams '70, Gail Fletcher '91, Leisa Day Merrick '81, JoEllen Bleaking Mula '83, Lorrie Bates Godfrey '81, Kris Lennox Fahey '84, Lisa Marcil, '82, Aaron Postiglione, '96 and Jonathan Morse '97, Thomas George '98, Evelyn Griffith Moore '71, Lynn Marshall Thompson, '76, Thomas Bracken '63, Keith Klein '96, Ron Clive '70, Alan Merrick '75 and Michael Fitzer '89. November 1, 1997



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